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Subject: ODF award an insult to community
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 21:23:37 +0530

Dear Friends,

It was really shocking to see the press release from ODF alliance which
has attributed the entire credit for promotion of ODF in the schools of
Kerala wrongly to Mr. Anvar Sadath. Giving credits wrongly can be
discouraging and painful to those who had done the real work. There are
several hundreds of people in Kerala whose painstaking effort and
dedication lead to the integration of Free Software and ODF in the
schools of Kerala. It has a long history starting from year 2001.

Today we find that ODF alliance has credited the entire work to one
person who had no role to play in the process. ODF alliance should have
recognised the real individuals who worked for what we see as IT@school

You should have recognised Sri V. S Achuthandan, Chief Minister of
Kerala ( Opposition leader then), whose political endorsement lead to
the introduction of free software and ODF in the schools of Kerala.

You should have recognised hundreds of teachers who took the pain to
learn and promote Free Software and ODF. Without their political courage
nothing would have happend.

You should have recognised Mr. Biju Prabhakar, the former director of IT
@school who initiated the introduction of FS and ODF in Schools of

You should have recognised Mr. V K Sasidharan, who was the leading
master trainer whose leadership brought together the entire change.

You should have recognised volunteers of Free Software community who
communicated the importance of digital freedom in the schools of Kerala.

It's a shame that a community organisation like ODF alliance could not
to recognise the real heroes of this project. This press release can be
seen only as a black humor. 

        “Anvar Sadath has bridged the digital divide in Kerala,”
        commented the ODF Alliance's Marcich. “He
        was among the first to recognize that an open format like ODF
        means giving students, teachers, and
        parents alike the flexibility to use a wide range of software
        than they currently have, including free
        solutions. Just as importantly, Sadath translated ideas into
        actions for the benefit of educational
        development in Kerala.”

I would like to know how this statement can be substantiated. May be I'm
missing something here! I would like to hear from you all. 

Warm regards
Arun M

PS: I'm sorry that I my not be able to check and reply to your mails
quickly as I'm not computers due to RSI.

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