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  • Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 12:42:51 +0200

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> > > Nothing obviously hanging around afterward. Could there be some
> > > sort of write-cacheing happening ? What happens if the unmount is
> > > delayed awhile ?
> > 
> > It doesn't help. I can wait for 10 mn, it won't unmount.
> >  
> > > What happens if you rename an item already on the mounted device,
> > > or change some other file property there ?
> > 
> > File renaming is OK; device was unmounted on the spot.
> > 
> > > Might be file-alteration monitoring, instead of an open file ?
> Change the displayed directory so that the destination disk is no
> longer shown - that would cancel any monitoring there. Then try to
> unmount.

Im' using, with dnotify and inotify enabled in kernel. Also
gamin and gamin-devel are installed, but I don't use them (fam or
gamin), as I have disabled the service - no need for it on my

OK. Now using rel. 652, using default build options (no [i|d]notify,
fam or gamin) and it works, but it seems a little strange... let me
explain. I was always told that, in an Unix env, if I wanted to
unmount, I couldn't be in the mountpoint that I wanted to unmount.

So what I always did in emelfm2 was to go in the parent folder of the
mountpoint and then unmount. And that is specifically not working.
However, if I unmount while being in the device, unmount will be

Example: mountpoint is /media/SD128. I copy a file
to /media/SD128/Documents.

- if I unmount while the pane displaying the contents
of /media/SD128/Documents, then emelfm2 will unmount the device and
will warn me that it's now impossible to list files and will send me
back to /media.
- if I go back to /media first and then try to unmount, then it's a
guaranteed fail.

I could certainly live with that, nevertheless I thought it would be
appreciable to report that...

Now, on a sad note, I noticed that the cpbar plugin is broken - will
segfault anytime.

Grégory SCHMITT <mailto:gy.schmitt@xxxxxxxxx>

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