Re: problem with automatic home directory expansion

  • From: Grégory SCHMITT <gy.schmitt@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:32:21 +0200

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> Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:53:07 +0200
> De: Tobias Jakobi <liquid.acid@xxxxxxx>
> À: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Sujet: problem with automatic home directory expansion

> Hi there,
> I'm using emelfm2-0.3.5 and having problem with pathnames containing
> the '~' character.
> I've already filed a bugreport in the gentoo bugzilla:

You're right. Tom will probably give a better answer that I am capable
of, but historically, in a Unix environment, the tilde '~' refers to
your home directory (as defined by the variable $HOME).

If you activate the output option 'show commands', you should be able
to see that the tilde has been replaced by the path of your home

It seems like the tilde shoulbe be treated diffrently if part of a
filename. Basically, the only case where ~ should be expanded to $HOME
that I can currently see is when it is followed by '/'.

Well, anyway, character escaping is quite a sensitive matter in Unix;
I'm having issues with emelfm2 handling files whose name includes ~, ',
" and others. AFAIK, the ext2/ext3 filesystem authorizes any character
in a filename/pathname; only '/' is expanded, meaning a new folder.

Best option: avoid them. But I understand it might not always be

A workaround for emelfm2 would be to stop expanding ~ and replacing
all ~ by their hardcoded values (i.e. /home/username), but it might
break compatibility with other things and is not Unix-friendly.

Hope this helps to understand, even if it doesn't fix anything...

Btw, doesn anyone else know an alternate way of accessing a file, i.e
not by its name, but by a ref, inode... ?

Grégory SCHMITT <mailto:gy.schmitt@xxxxxxxxx>

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