emelFM2 pre-release available now

  • From: <tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 19:56:17 +1100

Hello all,

I've just posted a fresh pre-release of e2 code at

Changelog is at http://emelfm2.net/ChangeLog

There are 2 known unpleasant but _not dangerous_ things that can happen when 
using this code (and probably also, with previously-released code).

1. Possibly this one happens only when used in conjunction with gtk 2.12.x, at 
least that's the experience sofar. At some apparently random time, maybe 
related to filelist change, a few parts of the UI simply stop working. But 
everything else continues to function normally. I've noticed that vertical 
scrollbar for a filelist goes away, the dividers between filelists and between 
filelists and output refuse to move either by dragging or by button click, and 
the "alternate" images for toggle buttons don't show (though the button action 
works as normal, other than when the action is to move a divider). Another 
report has come in about column widths refusing to change. (Maybe there's a 
widget-size factor in all of these?)

2. After unpacking an archive using the corresponding plugin, and changing out 
of the temp dir created to hold the unpacked data, the UI may freeze or even 
the whole application may crash (in either case, without doing anything to that 
temp dir or its contents).

These are both proving very difficult to deal with. They do not occur 
reproducibly, and we haven't been able to find anything inside e2 that is a 
likely cause. So any feedback you can provide on the pattern of occurrence of 
these bads, will be most welcome.

BTW, there's a lot more compiler-warnings now about "discarded qualifiers". 
I'll fix those after finally deciding to keep the changes that are generating 
the warnings. Meantime, they can be ignored.

Apart from the above, the code is, I think, release-grade, and you all might as 
well get the benefit of the included fixes now.


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