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  • Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 11:14:14 +1000

On Thu, 7 Aug 2008 10:39:28 -0400
Grégory SCHMITT <gy.schmitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> You ask for it, you get it !
Thanks Grégory

> I agree with the changes that you brought to the buttons labels (i.e
> verbs only, that makes sense). I feel a little more confused, however,
> by your choice of stock pictures. I had a quick look at
> (Gnome HIG guidelines) and noticed a couple of differences with the
> configuration panel:
> - "Commit", blue arrow: ok
> - "Discard": I feel the red stop button would be appropriate (it
> usually refers to a "Stop" or "Cancel" signal in most apps).
For gtk < 2.12, a discard button will show gtk's "stop" icon. gtk >= 2.12 is 
supposed to have a stock-icon for "discard" and a discard-button expects to use 
that. However in my experience (2.12.x and 2.13.x) such icon may not actually 
be available. Until that's fixed, the button will not show any icon.

> - "Apply": I'd rather have the green tick instead of the current
> picture, which looks like a "Reload" action to me.
Nowadays in e2, "apply" label is only used in a context where it means "do 
something and wait to see if I want to do something more", hence the circular 
icon. IMHO the gtk stock icon for "apply" is more associated with what we're 
now doing with "commit" etc. But I don't feel strongly about it either way.

> - "Basic"/"Advanced": do we really need anything there ?
For UI consistency, for users who relate to pictures more than words.

 I can't see
> any stock picture that suits well this button.
> - "Default": why not the "Reload" button ? It seems safe to me, since
> we have a nice warning popup.
I associate "reload" with a file, and in this context, that might be thought to 
mean the user's config-data file. In fact, this button kills all changes, 
applies application-default settings, there's no file involved.

> - "Proceed": I feel that green and red bubbles should be reserved to
> "yes" and "no" actions only. I would ideally see the "Commit" blue
> arrow over here.
"Proceed" label is used in 2 places:
1. generic line-input dialog, with a gtk stock "ok" icon (blue arrow ATM)
2. some generic warning-dialogs, with a gtk stock "yes" icon (green bubble ATM)
I now see some places where the generic warning should be replaced by a 
"Commit". Notably the config dialogs. Now done.

> - "Delete" dialog: per the HIG guideline, move the focus to the "Delete"
> button, not "Keep".
Nah. Delete is fatal, don't want to allow a single mistaken <Enter> press to 
activate it.

> - "Copy" / "Move" / "Link" popups: in the "Delete" popup, the main
> action button is called appropriately according to the action. However,
> in all other popups, the main button is called "Proceed"; why not
> "Copy" for the "Copy" popup button, with the "Copy" stock picture... and
> so on ?
Again, delete is fatal, it gets special attention. All other file operations 
(and various other things) share a single dialog. So the label has to meet 
various needs. Is it worth the overhead of separate dialogs ?

 Another possibility would be to have the green and red bubbles
> with "Yes" and "No" labels for any popup, even if I'm afraid they would
> be confusing for most users (i.e no difference between the buttons
> of two different popups).
> As well, I started e2 with a fresh new configuration file, and the
> configuration panel was ridiculously small.
I'd like to investigate this. It should default to 300x400 pixels, and does so 


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