Re: emelFM2 lock-up when using the unpack plugin

  • From: "Liviu Andronic" <landronimirc@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 13:00:58 -0500

Update to my previous post:
The lock-up was triggered by my attempting to open a text file README
using (binded to the <right> key). The problematic file
requires to be filtered by enca, but the "specify encoding" dialog
does not appear.

Another unpleasant behaviour is emel's refusal to react to "kill
<pidof emelfm2>" or to "killall emelfm2". I did manage to kill it
using xkill, but on my last lock-up this keybinding wasn't working,
and I managed to get back to Xfce only by restarting X. By the way,
emel is still running:

localhost liviu # pidof emelfm2

On 8/31/07, Liviu Andronic <landronimirc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Tom,
> I have just experienced one strange lock-up triggered by emel. I used
> the unpack plugin on, changed to
> /tmp/0-emelfm2-unpack.tmp/lettre/ moved the selection a couple of
> times up and down and then pressing <right-click> locked-up emel _and_
> Xfce. The mouse stopped activating anything, and the keyboard
> shortcuts also stopped functioning (appart from <alt>f1, <alt>f2).
> Recently, this is not the first time emel (only) locks up. I have no
> idea whether it's a problem linked to Xfce or emelFM2. At the end of
> this email, you'll notice the debug. I might mention that I built emel
> 0.3.5 today, with WITH_KERNELFAM=1, USE_LATEST=1, NEW_COMMAND=1 and
> DEBUG=1.
> Regards,
> Liviu

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