Re: Sometimes screen freezes when unrecognised filetype dialog is shown

  • From: tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 23:14:19 -0400

> Judging by the behavior of 0.1.7, I guess the intended action when
> double clicking a file with no extension is to "view" without prompting
> then?
If it's reported as a text file by the 'file' command. Otherwise, the open-with 
dialog should be shown.

> BTW, I've tried to check out the latest from the svn repository at:
> <>
> That's the only address I have found to try... but then I found a
> message in the archives in which you (or another "Tom" who looks a lot
> like you :)) said:
> > In general, direct access to the svn repository is (or at least was)
> > not encouraged, due to limited bandwidth. Perhaps that's not a real
> > issue anymore.
> Any word on that? I'd like to get my hand on the fix. I think that
> bug was the only thing I encountered in the "tom-20060621" version
> that would really keep me from using it.
There were others ...

tooar is arranging a new subversion server, with enough bandwidth for general 
access. exists, but as of now, has no data. I understand tooar 
is quite busy, and it may be a little while yet.

In the meantime, the view freeze can be fixed by a 1-line edit in 
.../src/e2_task.c, function _e2_task_viewQ () towards the end (sorry, my line 
no's are way different now)

#ifdef E2_ASYNC
        //always grab mutex in case of error or other output message
        gdk_threads_enter ();
        gint res = e2_command_run (command, E2_COMMAND_RANGE_DEFAULT);
#ifdef E2_ASYNC
        gdk_threads_leave ();

The version you have incorrectly has gdk_threads_enter () again, instead of the 
gdk_threads_leave ()


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