Re: Pre-release for testing - UPDATE

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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 22:13:03 +1000

On Sun, 15 Jul 2007 12:59:57 +0400
Alexander Orlov <alxorlov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > > Trying to print file hangs emel2.
> > > I have no printers. CUPS server is installed, but not running now.
> > > So, when I view file, and try to print it, view-dialog just turns blank, 
> > > and hangs forever.
> > > When I start CUPS server then printing goes OK.
> > > Another one problem. I am using evince for view pdf's, but it has no 
> > > --preview option. So when I try to preview document it just print error 
> > > message and shows nothing.
> > 
> > In concept, gtk printing works quite simply. The print dialog (with its 
> > preview button) and previewing and actual printing are all pretty-much done 
> > outside of the application. The application just passes the text to print 
> > to gtk. Essentially a single function-call. Printing works asynchronously, 
> > so should not freeze anything unless the function never returns.
> > 
> > So all that e2 could do is to pre-check for absence of "real" print 
> > functionality and/or preview capability, and if test(s) not satisfied, 
> > don't add the print item to the context menu.
> > 
> > So, anyone got any ideas on how to universally detect in advance whether 
> > printing works?
> As I can see, even if there is no real printers, GTK proposes to print to 
> file. So I think it is a GTK problem. It tryes to connect to printing server, 
> but fails, and thus locks emelfm2.
> Sorry, I don't know much of the GLIB/GTK functions, thus can not help you.
> > I can find what evince version is needed to allow previewing, and check for 
> > that. BTW, evince has lots of dependencies outside of gtk, many of them 
> > gnome-specific, its usage in a gtk-context is therefore bad, IMHO. Does 
> > anyone know whether evince is the only app for print previewing ?
> Well, I haven't found another good application for viewing pdf, postscript, 
> and dvi files, so I agreed to all GNOME dependencies. Recently I have found 
> epdfview program, which is based on evince, but requires no GNOME. I am going 
> to try it.
> There are also old X applications, like xpdf, xdvi, and similar, but I do not 
> like them.
It also depends on what gtk can/will use for its previews. gtk 2.10 spits a 
warning if evince is not available.

Still working on my sporadic session-start crashes ...


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