Pre-release for testing - UPDATE

  • From: <tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 16:25:10 +1000

As before:

For those of you who are able to do some testing, grab

As noted in a previous message, the main thing to watch out for in this version 
is the recursive file operations (copy, delete, rename, chmod etc etc). Changes 
have been made to increase their reliability in the event of a problem, so you 
should see no change in most cases, and sometimes, better behaviour. In 
anything this extensive, there may be some regressions too.

The archive is essentially a rollup of my local codebase, so it has a few 
things that aren't in svn. That's no issue for you as a user, though.

There's code for an encrypt/decrypt plugin. See the file USAGE for a few tips 
on using the plugin. I've given it a reasonably-extensive workout, but IMO it 
should still be treated with some caution! The plugin allows (and defaults to) 
retaining the original file after encrypting, and I recommend that for now at 
least, you do that.

PLEASE NOTE about the crypt plugin: I'm still thinking about changing the API, 
in particular to allow use of external compression libraries instead of the 
embedded mini-LZO code. If that change is made, any file encrypted with this 
plugin would need to be decrypted with this same version.

There's code for a ACL-manager plugin, .... That plugin is an optional build, 
anyhow. See Makefile.config for the relevant 'make' parameter, if you want to 
play with this plugin.

After some testing and fixing, a more friendly version of the ACL-manager (and 
it actually works now) is now at
and while there, grab ACL-USAGE.txt. The UI is still clunky, need to find a way 
to reasonably support all that flexibility ...



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