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Thanks, i found a good (enough) place to intercept these keypresses and implemented fullscreen for main window, file viewer, and file editor. I mostly just tapped into _e2_keybinding_key_press_cb and handle GDK_F6 along with module level toggle variable to call gtk_window_(un)fullscreen. Maemo forces apps to be maximized to entire client area and its their convention that apps handle F6 fullscreen on their own (which it now does).

This is one of those must have apps on nokia... file viewer and editor really tie things together. Since reworking fullscreen hack, there are only a few minor issues remaining that i would be interested if you would comment on.

In the configuration dialog there are pages with treeviews like bookmarks, aliases, keymappings, filetypes, etc. Pages with those treeviews dont fit and this requires complicated scrolling within scrolling that doesnt work well at all for maemo. Can each page be made aware of its width (or even screen width minus a little for options bar)? If not do you know of a good way i can hack these treeview to set size to something like 500width (like filetypes tree for example).

The context menu does not always display correctly. Since the total resolution is 800x480 (even less is usable when not fullscreen), the default positioning of the menu wont fit so i guess maemo relocates it. This would be fine except when the menu is populated it starts populating in middle of menu, leaving empty space at top and requiring scrolling to get to lower menu items that could have fit.

btw just for info... maemo is debian based, current devices are 400mhz, uses probaby 0-2 watts, costs around $200 (n800) to $400 (n810), they are wifi/bluetooth and 810 has keyboard (so you dont lose screen space to osk). Pretty active community at and

Thanks again for great app, before emelfm2 you either had to be hardcore xterm vi user or oblivious mp3 playing user and this app really ties things together and allows you to manage the whole device.

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There are a few quirks (mostly from my unfamiliarity with codebase), but perhaps you can advise on a fullscreen toggle issue im looking to implement. These devices have hardware button for toggling fullscreen in applications which maps to F6 keycode. What is the best way to hook into event queue to intercept that key for making call to make fullscreen? I could not find action for toggling fullscreen and could not find best way to intercept keycode at point in code where i could reference the window. So i hacked the output window maximize to toggle this functionality for current build.

There's no very simple way to add such capability: need to change/add a few things in a few places, not only to do the actual resizing, but also to handle cacheing of window size between sessions. I figure that you'd not want to always start the next time with fullscreen active.

But before going there, window sizing is mainly for window managers, IMHO. Do you have a way to bind your "fake-F6" to your WM's [un]maximise functions ? Or are those compelled to something else ?


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