Giving emelFM2 a go

  • From: "R. Diez" <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> (Redacted sender "rdiezmail-emelfm2" for DMARC)
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 13:39:31 +0200

Hi there:

This is my third attempt at mailing to this list. Now that I have subscribed, I hope this e-mail does not get simply ignored like the previous ones.

By the way, the subscription greeting message contains a link to , which no longer works. The mailing list web interface has a link titled "Webpage" that redirects to the same broken link.

Now the original message:

I am looking for a better file manager, and emelFM2 is on my shortlist.

I am using Xubuntu 16.04, which comes with emelFM2 version 0.4.1. I immediately missed the usual Ctrl+L shortcut in order to jump to the address line / file path of the _current_ pane. I have seen Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2, but Ctrl+L is burnt into my muscle memory. Is there a way to configure a keyboard shortcut to do that? I guess I would need a "dirline.getfocus current" kind of command.

I understand that 0.4.1 this is a rather outdated version. Unfortunately, the Ubuntu PPA for emelFM2 does not support my Ubuntu version. Trying to add this PPA results in an error message that does not immediately tell you why. 8-(

So I downloaded the source code in emelfm2-0.9.1.tar.bz2 and built it like this:

make -j 3 PREFIX="$HOME/rdiez/emelfm2-bin" USE_INOTIFY=1 WITH_ACL=1 install

Other than many warnings, there was no apparent problem. When I start it, I get the "Configuration arrangements ... are considerable different ..." greeting. If I press "Apply", there is a "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" error.

The Gtk warnings before I press the Apply button are not encouraging either:


** (emelfm2:15633): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-qb1HySUpJF: Connection refused

(emelfm2:15633): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_store_append: assertion 'VALID_ITER (parent, tree_store)' failed
Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.


I can try to compile a debug build and run it under GDB. I would be grateful if the documentation file "INSTALL" mentioned how the makefile expects compilation flags to turn optimisation off and avoid stripping the resulting executable from debug information.

Thanks in advance,

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