Re: Folder creation bug

  • From: Arve Barsnes <arve.barsnes@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 19:47:02 +0200

2009/6/19 Grégory SCHMITT <gy.schmitt@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> Using emelFM2 build 1722, I have observed a few bugs regarding the
> folder creation dialog box:
> - Creating a folder is ok, creating another one in the same instance of
> emelFM2 is not.
> - The info section on the creation of the 2nd folder doesn't collapse
> properly.
> Example: in my home, I create a folder "foobar". The info section works
> properly, telling me the folder can be created when it can and can't be
> created when it can't (i.e. folder with no character at all). Pressing
> ok will create the folder.
> Right after, I try to create a 2nd folder (location doesn't matter):
> creation is always declared as not possible (whatever the name is) by
> the info section, pressing ok will indeed result in nothing being
> created. The info section also doesn( collapse properly : it won't
> re-appear after being collapsed.
> OS: Debian Lenny, stock configuration.

I can't reproduce this problem on my 0.6.0 Gentoo build.

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