Re: Fix for Freedesktop Invocation

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  • Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 10:44:24 +0000

> As does this one - but tailored for 2-pane operation
This app has 4, yet works like other FMs.

The key is not "You CAN invoke emelfm2 with a path, read
the HELP dude" but rather, "GOOFINESS between emelfm2 and
.desktop causes needless PAIN in FreeDesktop systems."

Ranger has 2 panes, 4Pane has 4, and dolphin can show many
(eg File/NewTab and View/Split); yet only emelfm2 has
invocation oddness with a path as 1st arg. Try it:

dolphin    /usr/share/doc
ranger     /usr/share/doc
pcmanfm    /usr/share/doc
rox        /usr/share/doc
emelfm2    /usr/share/doc

My vote would be to accept a path arg like other FMs.
Keep the -1 -2 switches too.

> What led you to prefer pane 2 over 1 ?

I keep my working folder in pane 1. For end user boxes,
I hardwire pane 1 to a "sane place" they like. It isn't
always $HOME but can be. Users get lost. A quit/relaunch
restores their sanity. Using the other pane for system
invocations avoids confusing them.

> It's quite stable.

Agreed...kinda. The release prior crashed regularly on
renaming. Other improvements beckon.

The app icon could use modern artistic flair, SVG, whatever.

The app could (optionally) do desktop icons via XDG_DESKTOP_DIR,
like old iDesk, without wallpaper. Plenty of apps run wallpaper,
fewer desk icons in Openbox.

Still it's my go-to app. I have never found anything quite as
close to the magic sweet spot. Thanks so much.

My main complaint is sudo/root usage. There again, the sys
interactions are the gotchas. It's not the app but how it
gets called, reads configs, etc. Other FMs run as root user
aren't so itchy.

I do custom busywork to make emelfm2 a sysadmin tool.
There's a separate root .desktop and a polkit config.
Menus show an admin version separate from the normal one.
(Yes I know about the sudo button and never use it.)

Here are my root user setup files, which come to think of,
I need to fix with the -2 switch someplace, egad.
XDG_CONFIG_VOLATILE is my own env var, not a standard XDG one.

I'd love emelfm2 to ship stock with "admin version" configs.
Maybe that's a distro call, I dunno. It helps having both a
normal and "admin" version in app menus. Bonus points if the
root app can share the normal one's config folder without
mucking it up. I spent a lot of time running a special script
to handle those gotchas. It worked OK for a long while but
got tired of the weirdness and general maintenance involved.

$ cat /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.archlinux.custom.pkexec.emelfm2.policy

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE policyconfig PUBLIC
 "-//freedesktop//DTD PolicyKit Policy Configuration 1.0//EN"

  <action id="org.archlinux.custom.pkexec.emelfm2">
    <message>Authentication is required to manage system files</message>
    <annotate key="org.freedesktop.policykit.exec.allow_gui">true</annotate>


$ cat /usr/local/share/applications/emelfm2-pkexec.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Name=emelFM2 with Admin Rights
GenericName=file manager
Comment=2-pane Gtk+2 file manager
Exec=sh -c "pkexec emelfm2 --config\=\${XDG_CONFIG_VOLATILE}/.emelfm2"

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