Re: Fix for Freedesktop Invocation

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 10:15:06 +1100

On Thu, 31 Oct 2013 07:16:21 +0000
systemdkiosk@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

After a lot of investigation and experimentation on this, I've concluded that 
it's not possible to bend the rules sufficiently to 'change personality' from 
within a running process/application. On reflection, this is a good thing for 
system security.

Some implications:

1. It should be possible for e2 to re-start itself as another user, after 
having obtained the relevant authority.

2. A sudo-like action to apply a temporary change can't be implemented.

The distinction between a self-restart and starting via sudo, pkexec, gksu etc 
would (if so wanted) be a consistent UI for entering a password, and possibly, 
direct use of PAM so as to bypass the polkit dependency.

I haven't tried to implement re-starting. I'm currently thinking it's best to 
revert to Dave's original suggestion i.e. just tweak the interface. To that 
end, svn code has been reverted, such that WITH_SU is gone, but any commandline 
option '-u' highlights the statusbar username. Run with e.g.
sudo emelfm2 -u ....
sh -c "pkexec emelfm2 -u ...."

I've read that pkexec by itself generally doesn't support running GUI 
applications as another user, and may need a custom .policy file such as Dave 
has used. I can't test these things here, as my pkexec remains borked - some 
distro problem that I haven't time to fix. gksu is better in this regard, I 

> Bonus points if the
> root app can share the normal one's config folder without
> mucking it up.

Dave, I see you've figured that one out. Commandline option -c 
<realuser-home>/.config/emelfm2 will prevail over root's config data. I presume 
this could be automatically handled if we were to go the way of option 1, above.


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