Re: Feedback please - emelFM2 on gtk3

  • From: Arve Barsnes <arve.barsnes@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2 <emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 08:17:36 +0200

On 3 October 2013 07:07, <tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > The selection thing after deletion (or renaming) is enough to keep me on
> > gtk3 at the moment, but without the horizontal scrollbars (or the ability
> > to resize the columns either, another gtk3 problem?), I can't see stuff
> > like filesize and dates. Tough choices!
> That one, I don't have. However swapping from gtk2 to gtk3 version will
> sometimes reset some column-widths to 0.
> What happens if you disable, then re-enable, the un-resizable columns via
> a config dialog ?
> My fault for not trying enough, I can resize, just not to the right to
make the horizontal scroll bar appear.

I really hope you don't remove the post-deletion selection I prefer, I tend
to rename a lot of files in sequence, and having the selection jump around
to the top or follow the file I renamed to its new position would make the
current gtk2 behaviour much preferred over that. Not that I shouldn't
script all my silly renaming tasks anyway, so if you did I guess that's
when I would get the needed boost to take care of that.


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