Re: Feedback please - emelFM2 on gtk3

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 15:07:17 +1000

On Wed, 2 Oct 2013 21:27:27 +0200
Arve Barsnes <arve.barsnes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The devil is in the details.
> Can't say the mentioned problems are something I've noticed at all. There
> are two big differences I notice when switching between gtk2 and gtk3 for
> my emelfm2:
> 1. I actually have configured a theme for gtk2 sometime in the distant
> past, and I guess no other programs I use regularly are on gtk2, because
> emelfm2 then looks completely out of place. My own fault I guess.

Find one of the themes that supports both gtk2 and gtk3. However, if you 
weren't aware, gtk3 has reportedly been breaking its theming, or people's 
actual themes at least, on every major release to now. I think that's why 
people are getting variable behaviours on gtk3.

> 2. On gtk3, the horizontal scrollbars at the bottom of the panes are
> missing. That's weird as they are clearly visible in the video Serge
> linked.

Same here.

I tried forcing a horizontal scrollbar on gtk3, but it's no use. The 'thumb' 
extends over the whole width, so it can't be moved to show other columns. 

 On the other hand, with gtk2 when deleting a file, no file is
> selected after the operation, where the next one in the file-list (or
> previous if deleting last file) is selected on gtk3.

The rationale is - you select an item, then delete it, and then there's nothing 
left that YOU selected.

The filelist (treeview) cursor is still there, after the position of the 
last-deleted item. An up- or down-arrow keypress will select the next item in 
that direction.

I know that some users prefer to always have something selected. You may recall 
the config option to select first item in newly-opened directories. Maybe we 
should relate to that, as a general policy for the post-task state of each 

On the other hand, we can reasonably argue that renaming should not remove the 
selection. Code to implement that is now in svn.

And, oh joy, on gtk3 it still selects one item too many e.g. select and rename 
2 items, end up with 3 selected.

I'm inclined to try to prevent that, even at the cost of removing the 
post-deletion selection that you favour !

> The selection thing after deletion (or renaming) is enough to keep me on
> gtk3 at the moment, but without the horizontal scrollbars (or the ability
> to resize the columns either, another gtk3 problem?), I can't see stuff
> like filesize and dates. Tough choices!

That one, I don't have. However swapping from gtk2 to gtk3 version will 
sometimes reset some column-widths to 0.

What happens if you disable, then re-enable, the un-resizable columns via a 
config dialog ?


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