Re: Crashes on file deletion

  • From: Geoff <capsthorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 20:01:29 +0100

On Wed, 1 Apr 2009 09:26:55 +1100
<tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 14:23:35 +0000
> Geoff <capsthorne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I update Arch itself daily, and today the following
> > package upgrades installed.
> > 
> > atk (1.24.0-1 -> 1.26.0-1)
> > randrproto (1.2.2-1 -> 1.3.0-1)
> > libxrandr (1.2.3-1 -> 1.3.0-1)
> > pango (1.22.4-1 -> 1.24.0-1)
> > gtk2 (2.14.7-2 -> 2.16.0-1)
> Does this mean that your glib was already 2.20 ?

Yes, that was installed a couple of days before the
packages listed above.


> Can you precisely identify what happened before the
> problem occurs e.g. upon click toolbar button ? Is it
> only when the response to the <button|menu> is a pop-up
> dialog ? What happens if you type-in the action assigned
> to the <button|menu>, instead ?

The crash occurs on highlighting a single file or
group of  files then clicking on delete / info / change
owners / change permissions from the Action menu (sorry I
forgot to mention change owners in my earlier post).  It
does not occur on send to trash - which is something I only
do for testing purposes because I normally delete.
Occasionally deletion of a single file will succeed.

To the extent that  keypresses are bound to
actions (<Shift><Control><F8> for delete and F9 for file
info), they also provoke a crash.

As you would expect (I suppose), simply typing the full
command into the command line, does not provoke a crash.

On a few occasions the confirmation pop up has
appeared - or at least started to appear (the box
incomplete or with no contents) - at this point emelfm2

On other occasions X simply locks up without
anything visible happening ..... no dialogue box .... just
"File Operation in Progress" (I think that is the message
format) visible in the lower right corner.)  Even if I open
a console and "killall emelfm2" it is likely that X
will still be frozen when I return to it. (I use icewm by
the way .. when I get back the task bar has vanished - I
just have the background and blank windows where emelfm2
and any other application used to be.)

> In file emelfm2.h, at about line 645, there is
> //#define NATIVE_BGL
> Can you try a rebuild with that line un-commented ? This
> change will break some things, sometimes resulting in X
> problems similar to the one you're reporting, but I'm
> interested to know if the behaviour changes in any way.

I tried, but got :

compiling 'src/e2_main.c'
src/e2_main.c: In function 'e2_main_replace_gdklock':
src/e2_main.c:193: error: 'FIXME' undeclared (first use in
this function) src/e2_main.c:193: error: (Each undeclared
identifier is reported only once src/e2_main.c:193: error:
for each function it appears in.) src/e2_main.c:204: error:
expected ';' before '}' token make: ***
[objs/src/e2_main.o] Error 1

This is obviously due to :


at main.c 192.

I messed around a bit with that block, but I really don't
have the skills or understanding of the code.  I won't bore
you with the inevitable disasters.


> With arch, are you able to selectively revert packages ?
> If so, can you try with previous glib/gtk/atk/pango ? I
> doubt that the randr packages you upgraded would be
> relevant.

This is obviously the best approach and I can do it in
Arch.  It is not something I have had reason to do before
though, and I am nervous of trying it before weekend
because I use this box for work all day and I don't want to
find that I have borked something when I don't have time to
fix it.

Kind regards,


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