Any way to run apps detached from e2?

  • From: "Jonathan A. Irwin" <jnthn_gmane@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:30:29 -0400

I've tried a lot of things and can't seem to find a way to execute apps
in such a way that they detach from e2. I wrote a simple little script:
e2_exec which contains:


eval exec "$@"&


This works for $[command-xterm]. That is, if I set:

command-xterm=e2_exec rxvt

then, when I launch $[command-xterm], e2 does not see rxvt as a
"child" and will quit without complaining of child processes still
running. Try as I might though, I cannot get it to work for
applications associated with filetypes when double clicking a file. 

For instance, for video files, I would like to call something like:

"e2_exec mplayer %f"

and have mplayer run detached... so that it's not a child of e2, and I
can quit e2 normally without the "nag dialog" while mplayer is still
running. :)

I've tried it with the "&" operator, and ">exec e2_exec blah blah&" and
so on and so forth, but nothing seems to work.

Is there something simple I've overlooked?


Jonathan A. Irwin

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