[EMAS] Sightings

  • From: Gwenda Ledbetter <bahpu80@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emas <emas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 09:11:09 -0400

   The Good Friday moon was full enough to burst .I looked for migrators
crossing in front of it.
If I'd seen any they would have been blue-winged teal headed for Beaver
Lake.Does anyone have
thoughts about why they're accumulating? All the sightings and Virginia
Senechal's pictures
remind me of a poem I wrote  some years back:
                  FIRST LIGHT
Fire in the east rises over dark mounds
of dreams while birds burst their throats
remembering the first of everything.
A spider's silken thread , infinity spun, all night long
stretches to the vanishing point while water
in the pond holds beauty of sun, tree and bird.

Wake up! Greet the light. Take off
down the road. Watched the stilled statue
of an egret and a fish leaping for life. A snakeskin
with the owner long away makes your own
outer layers quiver.

There's a tree that knows your name, a birdsong
that belongs to you, and a snake that will teach you
to get rid of old worn out skins. In this time of casting off
and putting on, it is right to throw back your head
and croak, trill, whistle, honk, buzz, rattle, cheep, hoot,
coo, bark, screech, squeak, cluck, chirp, warble, quack
and shout with joy!

Gwenda LedBetter

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