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  • From: Eero Hakala <eero.k.hakala@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 11:09:51 +0200

Hello all,

Minutes from yesterday - Teemu, Ivan and Eero

Now we should utilize the positive publicity with documentation for
- people who are interested in adapting Ell-i technology (and perhaps
joining the community)
- and vertical candidates who want to evaluate the technology

a bit more work on Demo (Teemu, Ivan)
- constant presentation screen (a 20" monitor getting stuff from Jetson)
  = description and documentation of how to use the demo
  = video (max 3minutes)

description of architecture (Ivan)
- starting with a snapshot of the demo
- high level view
- plain text and pictures (eero will create a pdf out of it...)
- how it was tested (whoever was involved)
  = test cases
  = implementation document
  = results

Daily build system (Teemu)
  = tools for checking the style & format
  = compile (clean compilation is a token of acceptable build... :)
  = but we need to run test cases (in emulator) to check whether really its
  = perhaps even some tests with the real hw

Ell-i make explained (eero)
- I'll send the document a bit later!

Arduino develop environment & adaptation explained (eero)
- I'll dig more facts and prepare a document but the approach is quite
  = One big difference is the build process, in case Arduino everything is
copied into
     a temp directory and then compiled whereas in our case the make-file
is traversing
     from directory to directory
   = the other big difference is that in case Arduino more or less all is
happening from
      Arduino/build directory and in our case we join the pack with a
tailored build.xml
      file and Cosa again is joined through sketchbook/hardware directory
- Arduino 1.5xyz, Ell-i, Cosa

Built in security (master thesis work from Belgium)
- general concepts

And then we should continue working with our software, especially in
emulator area.

Some links


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