[ell-i-developers] Re: i2c and Eagle 6.0+ libraries

  • From: Pekka Nikander <pekka.nikander@xxxxxx>
  • To: ELL-i PCB design <ell-i-pcb-design@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 18:14:34 +0200

[I think this belongs more to the ell-i-pcb-design, so I'm moving this there.  
(Ivan and others not on that list, please feel free to subscribe:  
http://www.freelists.org/list/ell-i-pcb-design )]

> I wanted to know what peripherals are connected to the i2c bus.

IIRC, none at the moment.  It is simply routed out to the Arduino headers.

> For that I thought about checking the schematics, and I found that the file 
> format used is from Eagle 6.0. Just to ask, is there any open source 
> alternative to open those files?

Unfortunately I'm not aware of any open source software to visualise Eagle CAD 
files.  However, you can download the free version of Eagle CAD at 

Sure, you can read Eagle CAD files with e.g. emacs, as they are XML and nicely 
formatted, but that is not very helpful. :-)

Back last spring when we considered what CAD to use, we also consider KiCad, 
but as most of the open source community is still using Eagle, we decided to 
take there the conservative alternative.

Of course, we can still switch over to KiCad if the community feels strongly as 
so and is willing to take the effort to convert the libraries and PCB designs 
to KiCad.  (My estimate is that it would be 1-2 man months of work, and I am 
not willing to do that myself on the top of everything that I'm already doing.)
> Regarding the i2c bus, is there any already printed schematic, e.g. in pdf 
> for quick access of the features.

You aren't the first one who is asking for PDFs.

It would be nice if someone created an Eagle ULP or git hook that would 
automatically generate a PDF.


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