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In the schematics at 
https://github.com/Ell-i/ELL-i-Eagle-Boards/tree/master/Ell-duino. PA0 is A4, 
PA4 is DAC2 as in the picture (DAC1 in the schematics ???), PA5 is A6.

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Now that I'm porting the debugger to ell-i board, I have 2 questions:

1. I choose PA0, PA4 and PA5 as TCK, TMS and RESET, respectively. Is it OK?

2. As I understand, PA0 is A0, PA4 is A2 and PA5 is A3, which are marked on 
this picture:   http://www.mouser.com/images/microsites/ArduinoDue_Front.jpg
Is it true?

thx &

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