[ell-i-developers] Weekly meeting 8.12.2014 14:00

  • From: Teemu Hakala <temmi@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 10:42:33 +0200

Hi all

As has become a bad habit for me, this call arrives late. Anyhow, the meeting 
is weekly and we're trying to keep it as regular as possible, so it is on 
mondays from 14:00 until everybody is tired, or more usually until discussion 
has changed from the normal topics to divergent threads and people start 
feeling hungry.

A big issue for todays meeting is our very succesful DA4BRI activity demo that 
against all odds was actually ready and present at EIT Results Day last 
thursday 4.12.2014. Thank you, all of you who in any way participated or helped 
in making this happen. The convergence of real world shopping with online 
shopping spawned lots of interest and we most likely have to follow this lead 
in some way.

The demo also has the fortunate consequence that now we have the makings of a 
small toyset for adventurous light fixture and system designers so as to 
facilitate hands-on design work. Jukka Korpihete has been waiting for this for 
roughly two years and I'm very glad we're now able to see what he has to come 
up with.

We're assigned the room A210, which may prove too small. In preparation to 
that, I'm going to keep the meeting in the lobby between EIT and HIIT. The demo 
installation is also there and we have nice sofas for everyone. I hope I can 
conquer everyone who might want to occupy the space for themselves.

Looking forward to seeing you all - t

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