[ell-i-developers] Re: WebSocket server for Ell-i

  • From: Félix Halcartegaray V. <felix@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: ell-i-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 10:20:09 +0300

Hello Jose,

I also think that HTML5 demos are nice, as they allow very dynamic elements
and there are good libraries available to do whatever you want almost.

Where I see the strength of Websocket? Bi-directional communication, so the
demo I think should be highly interactive. Why we want it in ELL-i and not
in a middle man like a Raspi? I think the main point would be to directly
interact with the "object" you have enabled. Like in the demo you sent,
there can be a QR code on the object, and you connect to it directly
through your mobile phone with websockets and HTML5, so then the
"middleman" would not be adding value (probably you need to be on the same
network for safety reasons). Websockets is implemented in almost all mobile
browsers: http://caniuse.com/websockets

Examples I think would be interesting for such a demo, taking advantage of
the bi-directionality and direct connection, is related to "seeing"
something that you cannot see unless there is a sensor (thinking of some
kind of augmented reality) and where you can control something as well with
the actuator being powered by ELL-i so you have one cable. Ideas that come
to my mind:

- Electric valve, let´s you see the amount of water that is running inside
the pipe with the app, and you can control the flow.
- Oven: See the temperature of the oven with the app, and control the power
(though probably not possible to power with ELL-i yet :o)
- Music/Loudspeaker: Point to the smart speaker and control volume and see
something (what is playing or some kind of important spectrum analysis?)
- Security: (Probably with intermediary board is better): Read the presence
of people on different areas of a building and lock or unlock the doors

That I can think for now as ideas to try to show scenarios where the
websockets+ELL-i gives an advantage over other solutions...

See you,

2014-05-04 15:22 GMT+03:00 Jose Granados Vergara <jose.granados@xxxxxx>:

>  I've been thinking what to do for a demo, any suggestions are welcome.
> HTML5 canvas demos are nice looking 
> (link<http://davidwalsh.name/canvas-demos>)
> and now the Ell-i can stream data to them from sensors, peripherals etc.
> Multiplayer games come to my mind (demo <http://rumpetroll.com/>). Also
> the same demo done 
> here<http://mbed.org/cookbook/Internet-of-Things-Demonstration>can be done on 
> Ell-i. Something simple would be a web interface that works
> as a command-line tool to control the Ell-i and turn on-off gpio, set pwm
> (like 
> this<http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-comand-line-tool-MiniPirate/?ALLSTEPS>
> ).
> In the meantime the next step for me now is to implement the CoAP client
> and the Node.js CoAP server.
> -Jose Granados
> MSc Student.
> Embedded Computing
> University of Turku
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> Great work!
> Are you planning to push it forward somehow at the Bare Metal hackathon?
> Any ideas how?
> --Pekka
> On 2014–05–02, at 14:22 , Jose Granados Vergara <jose.granados@xxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > Hi, a bare metal WebSocket echo server for Ell-i can be found here:
> > http://github.com/ElPopularVale/Ell-i-Websocket-Bare-Metal
> > Supports WebSocket messages without fragmentation and short payloads.
> >
> > This application allows bidirectional communication between Ell-i and a
> web browser. Application level protocols can be built on top of WebSocket,
> such as symmetric encryption, chat, audio/video, midi. It could also be
> used as a HTML5 based GUI for Ell-i.
> >
> > -Jose Granados
> > MSc Student.
> > Embedded Computing
> > University of Turku

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