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  • From: Teemu Hakala <temmi@xxxxxx>
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The link to Mahna's dropbox folder of our demo footage:


 - t

On 11.12.2014, at 10:25, Teemu Hakala <temmi@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all
> Now that we have a fantastic demo we are willing to showcase to just about 
> everyone and their dogs, it would be grand to have a video of it showing 247 
> on the stand. This video would serve two purposes, to educate bywalkers of 
> what the heck this installation is about anyhow and to instruct people on how 
> to interact with the demo.
> The IDBM group shot some videography of me explaining the demo. I have 
> received Mahna's video and am linking the dropbox folder in here. There are 
> some photographs as well. Julia and Hai were shooting too, they might have 
> some additional usable material.
> Ivan promised he could cut the video so now we basically need to make a 
> script and possibly storyboard and send him all the material. This might 
> possibly be a group effort, in which case we need to concentrate on where to 
> cut and when.
> When sitting with Ivan, we constructed a short list of requirements for the 
> video, I'll paste that here. This is not final but in my view a pretty good 
> starting point.
> We are also discussing with EIT that they could help in making a properly 
> shot and produced video, so this effort could focus more on how fast we can 
> make a decent video.
> Also, I'd like to publish our resulting video on the interweb tubes for 
> promotional purposes.
> features we want in the video
> - instructions on how to use the ipad
>  - select proper wifi
>  - kill the app
>  - start the app
>  - in case that doesn't work - reboot the ipad
> - info on how to use the app
>  - there is a script to kind of follow
>    - select one of the products to see more
>      - if it says try it out, press that and look at the shiny lights
>    - you can always go back and forth
>    - the product info view allows for selecting any product on that mannequin
>      - if it says try it out, press that and look at the shiny lights
>    - there is a special hot zone in front of the mannequin wearing Ahto that 
> triggers magic
> - info on what the demo is about
> - info on what ell-i is about
> - logos of ell-i, globe hope and nimble devices
> - t

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