[ell-i-developers] Moving to C++11, thereby necessitating to update the emulator to LLVM, causing side effects

  • From: Pekka Nikander <pekka.nikander@xxxxxx>
  • To: "ell-i-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <ell-i-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 22:39:12 +0200

As most of you know by now (I hope), the Arduino API is a mixture of C and C++ 
source file.  Our approach to that has been that of Safe C, i.e. making sure 
that all the C source files also compile as C++ (but of course not vice versa). 
 So far we have been using C++03 on the C++ side, as C++03 is readily available 
in all common compilers, even ancient ones like the one used in the Arduino IDE 
so far.

Now, I have been trying to create a C++ Serial class that both would be fully 
Arduino API compatible and would be compile-time initialised so that the 
compiler is able to optimise it completely away; see 
 for the background why.

I did such a Serial class in one way in the old runtime, using C++03, but I was 
never happy with that particular approach.  Among other things, in that 
approach I had to give up using the Stream class as a base class for Serial, 
thereby breaking the Arduino API compatibility slightly.

Hence, as the Arduino folks have announced that the 1.5 IDE will move to gcc 
4.8 on the ARM side, and as gcc 4.8 fully supports C++11, there is the new 
possibility of utilising the relaxed C++11 POD rules while defining the Serial 
class; see 

If I read those new rules correctly, it should be possible to make the Serial a 
POD class, or at least statically costructable, while still having Stream as a 
base class for Serial.  In any case, even if that were to fail completely or 
partially, moving to C++11 would give us constexpr, which allows much more 
aggressive optimisation by the compiler in certain C++ constructs.  Hence, 
given the move to gcc 4.8 that is completely C++11 compatible and our desire to 
use the compiler to do heavy compile-time optimisations, I think it would be a 
wise move to go to C++11 now, while there is still a minimal amount of C++ code 
in our new runtime.

(For constexpr, see 

Unfortunately, the Mac OS X native gcc is an ancient one, llvm-gcc based on GCC 
4.2, and Apple has no intention to update it, ever.  GCC 4.2 doesn't support 
C++11.  On the other hand, as Mac OS X LLVM fully supports C++11, it looks like 
a good choice to switch from the llvm-gcc 4.2 to the latest native LLVM when 
compiling the emulator on Mac OS X.  I have now done that, but this switching 
has a number of potentially nasty side effects.

Firstly, moving from C++03 to C++11 and from llvm-gcc 4.2 to Apple LLVM 5.0 
(LLVM 3.3svn) required me to do a largish number of small changes to many 
places in the runtime, as the latest Apple LLVM deprecates a number of old gcc 
quirks, some of which we foolishly relied on.  Hence, there will be a largish 
commit pushed soon, and that may cause merge errors when you'll pull the 
commit, as it touches so many places, though lightly.  Consider yourself warned.

Secondly, the use of C++11 constructs means that the new Runtime no longer 
compiles with the present Arduino IDE 1.5, as it still has a too old version of 
gcc.  To compile the new Runtime, you need a locally installed GCC (or LLVM) 
that is new enough to be able to handle C++11.

Thirdly, for some obscure reason the new emulated code works badly with the Mac 
OS X incremental dynamic loading, necessitating the DYLD_BIND_AT_LAUNCH=1 
environment variable to be set for dyld(1), lest the emulated code crashes 
foolishly while trying to dynamically load bzero/memset, called from the 
compiler's optimised code.

Finally, as LLVM may not be natively available in Linux, this move makes the 
path of getting the emulator to work on Linux slightly longer than it was 
before.  I'm sure we can make the emulator to work also with native GCC 4.8 
(and even 4.7) on Linux, but as I don't Linux myself, someone else must take 
care of that at some point.  And it may not be exactly trivial.

Anyway, I'm now taking this bold step, and will push the commits related to it 
latest on Monday, unless someone yells loudly.


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