[ell-i-developers] Re: Github repository sections

  • From: Pekka Nikander <pekka.nikander@xxxxxx>
  • To: ell-i-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 21:56:14 +0200

> I have a confusion between the different repository sections, can you
> provide a short explanation what each of this is meant for?
> stm32flash

stm32flash is our copy of the stm32flash tool, which is a C program for using 
the STM serial line flashing interface.  It is an "official" ELL-i repo, at 
least for now.

> stm32f0-barebone

stm32f0-barebone is a new repo, our fork of Nuutti's new repo that contains an 
STM peripheral library based bare bones runtime.  It is not an "official" ELL-i 
repo, but an alternative to those who can bare a somewhat larger runtime but 
want to work with the STM peripheral libraries.  It should not be listed on the 
web page.

> Runtime

That is the "new" ELL-i runtime that Ivan and I are actively working with.  It 
is not generally usable yet, but most probably will be in some 3-4 weeks.  At 
some point we have to rename this, perhaps to "ELL-i-Runtime", to better denote 
that it is a core part of the ELL-i offering.

> Arduino

This repo has currently a dual role.  Firstly, the ell-i, ell-i+concurrency and 
oct9-demo branches are all snapshots of our "old" runtime, which in the end 
just started to be too brittle.  The ell-i branch is pretty stable, recommend 
for general use at the moment, but does contain only the Arduino APIs.  The 
ell-i+concurrency contains also the Contiki APIs, and is able to communicate 
with either TCP or UDP.  However, it is already much less stable than the ell-i 
branch.  The oct9-demo branch is the newest one of the "old" runtime.  However, 
it is a disaster from the stability point of view.  I can make semi-stable 
binaries out of it, and I did for the October 9th demo, but I doubt anyone else 

Secondly, the ell-i-new branch is an Arduino IDE companion branch for the new 
Ell-i runtime, which itself is in the Runtime repo.  That branch is an 
almost-direct copy of the official Arduino IDE (though not updated lately), 
which just minor patches to make it to work with our runtime.

> Tools

This is the repo create by Antti, IIRC.  It contains an python-version of the 
stm32flash, plus maybe some other tools, I just don't remember.  I no longer 
remember what was the exact idea.  Perhaps we should make it an official part 
of the ELL-i offering, and rename it to ELL-i-Tools or something?

I hope I answered most of your questions.  Feel free to ask more questions, or 
perhaps again any of the ones I didn't answer.


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