[ell-i-developers] Arduino IDE version number and other smallish woes

  • From: Teemu Hakala <temmi@xxxxxx>
  • To: ell-i-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 20:54:18 +0200

Hi all

I’ve finally got myself an editor that can help me deal with xml and is 
extendable in a language I know etc and thus am able to kick in on the Arduino 
IDE development.

Something we’ve been struck with has been Arduino IDE saying its version number 
as literal string '${version}', which looks amateurish and is kind of bad. The 
ant build system expects a version string on its STDIN and I’m trying to find 
out if we can push it as a command line option. Anyhow providing a version 
number for building a distribution works as follows:

echo '1.5.3-ELL-i' | ant dist

I’m not sure if anything breaks when catenating special strings on the back 
like I just did, but I’m finding out.

Another bugging matter has been that for Mac users with non English language as 
their user setting for GUI languages, the Arduino IDE has been acting badly. 
I’m about to start fixing this.

Also, building the Arduino IDE from sources should be as easy as follows:

git clone http://github.com/Ell-i/Arduino
cd Arduino/build
ant dist

However some people have experienced the need for all kinds of dependencies. I 
think we should consider including those sources to the build tree in a proper 
place. This mainly caters to anybody willing to test new features as they 
happen, as we should release prepackaged installers as soon as any new features 
are tested and working. However as soon as we get more people join in the 
development effort, we run into this again and again until the problem is 
automated away.

As a team we can build distribution packages for easy download publishing the 
links on our main web site. I and Pekka can provide the Mac builds while the 
others should consider for which Linuxes we should provide a prepackaged 
installer. As soon as anybody can package a Windows installer, we should do 
that too.

 - t

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