[elky] update 2

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  • Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 12:21:17 EDT

Hey guys, we still have a buyer, survived his home inspection. This buyer  
is a real poker player. Me thinks he told the inspector to find something so 
he  could use it as leverage. They were digging around for two hours. 
 On our other inspection it took 35 minutes and we got flying colors.  He 
did produce a small list of items to be addressed. Nothing I can't handle for 
 about 400.oo 
   Then came the poker move, the buyer says he could take care of  all of 
this stuff for 1000.oo Of course in order to move things along. Well, I  know 
he wants to move in as soon as possible. So I say no, I'll correct these  
things but I need some time. 
     I saw it coming and had a better hand, plus I had  the house. 
 After he thought a bit he knocked 80% of the list off, to move things  
  Ya see he wants to lock in with a bank before the rate goes up  again. 
Can't do that until he signs the contract. Actually, ya can but Maybe he  
doesn't know that. 
     I'm doing OK in spite of it being a buyer's  market. We shall see what 
tomorrow brings. So far I have anticipated his moves,  maybe he has an ace 
up his sleeve. 
-Staten Island Frank-

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