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;kay. thanks. 
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  The photos on the MLS are bad, they don't do the house justice. When I can 
get the photos loaded I will get them to ya. 

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  movers don't charge to get themselves home.  Our mover was from NC, I cannot 
imagine paying his return trip.  

  Good to hear you found a great house.  Not like we didn't tell you so or 
nuttin'.  Your neighbor's dogs will not protect their big bag of purina at your 
house. Neighbors are like the lottery - I hope you got winners.  

  that multiple listing No??????  


    Yeah, Ya see, the way they are looking at it is that it's 50 there and 50 
back. Then double that because they leave the pod, and return to pick it up at 
another time. Sooooooooo ............. it's a total of 200 miles over estimate. 

    Update on the inspection:
      The house was incredible, the home inspector and I could not find 
anything that needs to be addressed. I was shocked at all the upgrades he did 
that we did not notice  the first go around. It is an excellent value, and 
shows to be worth every penny.
       We don't need a dog as we were visited by the neighbors two dogs, very 
friendly, and we don't have to feed them. LOL 

      The only unknown factor at this point are the neighbors themselves, I 
guess we will find that out when we are moved in.


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