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Stay in and watch the Winter go bye bye. <G>

Enjoy the view and your wonderful Lady <G>

Always time for the rest of life.


I like johns idea <G>





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You guys got hit pretty good, I saw on the news. 

Stay warm, and snuggle. Enjoy the 'view'

John Christensen 
Saint Charles, IL


On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 2:57 PM, <stillfranksfault@xxxxxxx> wrote:

We hit Asheville last night. We looked at two properties today, both needed
lots of work. We are at a Hotel called Sleep-in. LOL The mountain view from
our room is unbelievable. I want to stay here. LOL We headed for a third
place in Weaverville to the north of us but the roads weren't fully plowed.
So we turned around, try another time.
We counted two 18 wheelers, and 28 cars/suvs abandoned in the storm on our
way into Asheville. 


Staten Island Frank


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