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The fuel tank is all gummed up and he's running it on fresh gas from a 5 gal


I agree about the front end.  I'd a lot rather have a choo choo, than the
Camaro.. but each to their own.. I loved Ray's 'mino and thought it was the


Having your own truck and trailer is having apple pie and ice cream.. it
can't be beat.




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Thanks, and you know that's what I was thinking too= I don't really care for
the plastic front end, but I don't know enough really to know what it is, If
its rare, its worth something- but if its aftermarket plastic stuff- its
worthless.  Just picking your brains.  I need a truck or trailer again and
have been looking but not finding what I want- don't really want a truck
daily driver, need the mileage.  


Sold my brother in law my little trailer and wish I hadn't- going to get it
to borrow it is a pain, so I'll probably bet getting another soon.


I don't understand the 5 gallon part he has written- oh well.  The small
block in the chevelle would work nicely in there.  Would be a good excuse to
add some value to the car and put a big block where its deserved.(though no
complaints about whats inthere- it's a cruiser and does just fine J


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What John said, ............ an item is only worth what someone is willing
to pay for it. Ya gona have to kick the tires. he is getting rid of
everything, might be desperate. Your gain.


Smokey Mt Frank 


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I would think a rust free frame would be worth a couple grand. That said,
start at $1500. If it will fire up when he puts a 5 gal gas can in there,
it's worth another 5 gal of gas in your area..... just kidding. You will put
2 or 3 grand in to getting it the way you want it.  I am not a Camaro/SS
plastic nose fan, but that's just me. Has a Camaro color too, doesn't it? I
would love a rust free car. 

All caps.... The guy isn't real literate. Why has it been sitting so long?
Time goes by when you are having fun with the other toys. 

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whats this thing worth????


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