[elky] Re: brakes on acura tl type s

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Lol I know and remember the elky braking. wasnt the only thing about mine
that was scary.  The Chevelle was even better, even after I put the larger
drums in back and the disk conversion up front.  Lesson learned though,
bigger is better with brakes, I wished I had put them on- and had the chance
to.  SSBC sent me the wrong kit- I had the drop spindles on, but the rotors
and calipers they sent me the first time didn't fit- but were slotted and
considerably larger than the ones they sent me in return, that were supposed
to go with my kit L  oh well J


Funny thing is.. What they would charge us at the dealer to replace those


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Bimmers go through brakes like crazy too, but are also very easy to change.
They put you through the windshield if you stomp on them though. This cannot
be said for the El Camino.... hod on and pray is more like it. 


On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 6:58 AM, Brian M <ctsvmongo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Did the brakes on the tl Monday night and after all the moaning I did about
that car, I'm pleasantly surprised about the ease of maintenance....
Put the stock honeycomb style wheels and tires back on for pot hole season.
Brembo brakes, 4 piston 2 piece callipers huge.  All you do is tap out 2
pins pull the pads out and press pistons in enough to make room for new ones
I did this with my fingers, lube up the new ones and slide them in, tap the
pins back in.  No joke 5 minutes.  Impressive considering what I've spent
timewise on others.   
Changed the oil.  Super easy, easier than a hot rod, the oil filter is in
the wheel well no obstructions just turn the wheel to gain access.  Most
newer cars are a total pia all the way thru.

I've read the front pads wear real fast because if their size and design,
30k is good for them, we are at 32.   I've read some guys have had to change
them twice by now and have rotors replaced too. Wow that's some serious


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