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Chris, I have no idea why in the hell would you want to screw with a manual
in a big truck, the autos are nice.  


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On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 4:03 PM, Chris Lindh <chrislindh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We test drove a Toyota FJ Cruiser Saturday. The "ruggedized" interior would
be ideal, but the FJ wouldn't be practical for a family (half doors in the
rear). I asked the salesman if he had ever been in an FJ with the factory
supercharger installed; his response? "Most customers are happy with 236
horsepower". I tried not to laugh.



                 They suck down gas like a suburban.



We didn't even drive a Tacoma, as soon as we sat in one the Mrs. said it is
too small.



               Yeah they are neat but small. 


We also test drove a crew cab autotragic 2500 Ram. It was nice... it should
be it stickered for $52K. Heavy duty trucks have come a long way.  We
decided we could definitely use a Ram... I would have liked to drive a 6
speed truck but of course there isn't one near me.


           The auto is allot nicer to drive. Though in a Chrysler their
autos aren't great and their sticks aren't much better either. 


            Chrysler is still known for the worst transmissions auto and



I'm debating new versus used, the older trucks are holding their value, but
that may be due to the fact that the newer models have more emissions
equipment (but not urea injection, that GM and Ford have).



            Used car prices have been steadily increasing overall. 




There were Ram Trucks corporate guys at the dealership... they gave us some
t-shirts then as we were leaving the salesman ran out and gave me an iPod
shuffle.  I was impressed, that's not your average give-away.



               Cool.  They either don't look at you here or they are all
over you and won't leave you alone. The only thing they give away free is
the parking and that's if you can find a spot. I just park in the middle of
the lot instead of finding a parking spot.


The paralysis by analysis continues... now there is a CTS-V tempting me...
it's like Vader in the back of my mind: "I'm altering the deal..."



                       You are all over the place with the type of vehicle
you are looking at. No consistency at all. For as little as you drive I'd
really stay away from a diesel and at most likely the driving you do is stop
and go which would make you lean toward an auto. 


                    It really sounds like you need a station wagon... You
can tow with it carry crap in the back, have room for passengers etc. And
there are only tall station wagons now they call them SUVs.




               Robert Adams

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