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  • From: Jared Ryan <jryan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:42:59 -0500

I have a fixed rate from my provider, with a contract that expires at the
end of September.  It looks like I'll renew it at the same rate for another
six months to a year.  I like having the fixed rate vs. a variable rate. 
In Texas, except for certain areas like Austin and San Antonio, you pick
your "retail provider" which is really just who takes your money.  The same
company, part of the old monopoly, maintains the poles and wires. 
"Deregulation" was supposed to help consumers, but when you consider that
Enron was a big proponent of it, I'm not sure so sure that was really the
plan.  It seems that almost any time big businesses push to deregulate
something, it's because they've found a way to game it.  And this is coming
from one of the most ardent, greedy capitalists you'll ever meet!

On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 10:03:02 -0700, "Mary McCarthy" <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> don't they have a budget plan?  I pay the same year round.  Once a year
> they 
> rebalance it and sometimes it goes up for the next year, and sometimes it

> goes down. but I know it's always going to be the same for a year.
>>I keep mine at 78 and use ceiling fans.  I live in fear of my last
>> electricity bill because I realized when I got home that before the trip
>> I
>> had temporarily set the thermostat at 76, and then forgot to change it
>> back.  My last electricity bill was over $145, and that's at a rate of 
>> 12.8
>> cents per KWh.  It takes a lot to cool a house down here when someone 
>> turns
>> up the sun.  Keep in mind, this is a relatively small house with the 
>> latest
>> radiant barrier, ridge vent, etc.  It all helps a lot, but I can't
>> the fact that it's hot, really hot.
>> On the plus side, my natural gas bill was only $27.  It'll go up to $60
>> or
>> so in the winter. 
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Rules: Please play nicely with others.

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