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Wow, a busy bee.
I am reading through older E-mails. We are in Conn. at our daughter's  
In a message dated 7/27/2011 8:19:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I thought I might keep working  on the hood of the race car and the fuel 
pump issues with the Camaro.   Wrong on the first, sorta wrong on the 2nd.

Jim came over and we worked  on the race car.  Not the hood, but the motor. 
 Matter of fact, we  got it to the point of trying a BFT.  Well, we got the 
Test part, but  nary a flicker.  No spark.  I found later that the relay 
for the MSD  box isn't energizing.  Dunno why yet, but I'll figger it out.   
Here's the motor about the time we started workin on it:

Not much different from  before, but I removed the battery box because it 
was interfering with the hood  fit.  I'll either leave it like it is or come 
back and deal with it  later.  For the first time, there are spark plugs 
installed and ready to  be connected.  They're Accel "Shorty" plugs to clear 
the  headers.

As  we wired the the plugs, Jim marked the cylinder number.  We'd pulled 
the  valve cover (and then the other one) first so we could find TDC, then so 
we  could pour some oil over the rockers before attempting to start it.  We  
went for a bite of Mexican food for lunch and also got 5 gallons of premium 
 fuel, which got poured into the tank.

We got everything connected and  cranked it over.  The motor had about 55 
psi oil pressure and cranked  nicely, but didn't wanna fire.  Eventually we 
decided that we had fuel  but no spark.  

We looked into the Camaro and found that the  electric fuel pump isn't 
getting started, therefore no fuel to the  injectors.  I'll look further into 
that tomorrow.  Finally we found  that the Burb's power steering pressure hose 
is the culprit as far as the  fluid leak goes.  I bought one yesterday on a 
SWAG...I'll see if I can  get it installed this evening (it's only 75F 
outside at the moment, but humid  as hell...we had some nasty storms yesterday 
and a little more  today.)

Finally, did some metering and checking, and found that the  relay for the 
MSD ignition box isn't getting energized.  I dunno why, but  that shouldn't 
be too hard to figger out.  If worst comes to worst, I'll  just jumper 
across the high-current sides of the relay to get the motor  started.  While I 
was at it, I remembered Chris' question about plug wire  management.  I went 
with the cheap stuff: Spectre wire looms (the guy  that owns the company is 
an acquaintance from the salt flats) but they helped  tidy things up quite a 
bit.  I have another breather and some plug wire  numbering bands on order, 
so that'll help tidy even more:

The whole thing is written up  here:

I  feel like we accomplished a coupla weeks' work today.  I had no idea 
that  we'd end up trying the BFT so soon.  But it's sure a load off my  mind.  
It'll be an even bigger one if the thing starts up and runs.   :)

(tired, but a very good  tired)

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