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  • From: Mary McCarthy <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 09:55:13 -0700

Neighbors are a lottery, looks like you didn't win this one. could your blessings - she could:

send the kids to your place to play until 5 pm when dad gets home

be so drunk the kids are wandering all over looking for an adult to take care of them and she's wandering all over the neighborhood looking for a place to hang out and put her special coffee 'addition' in. Oh, and you get to listen to ALL her problems.

blow the car horn a specific number of times to signal when the kids can come home.

Nothing like having a kid crying in your front yard because mama said he can't come home until dinner time. Took me awhile and several of those but I finally started telling the kids what she did was wrong and next time I would call the police because she had abandoned her child at my place. That stops it cold. And as an added bonus - she won't talk to you anymore!

On accents - my cousin still wins - she took her native jersey accent, spent a year in Lafayette LA then returned with a mix of both. eeuuuu.

I have no advice expect put up a big fence and do not appear hospitable.

Now you know why I do not want neighbors anymore. You might try being difficult so the kids stay inside?


Well if you remember a while back about our neighbor that has an extremely bad red neck accent and is always out yelling for the kids to come in etc... Well it's like nails on a chalk board and heard everywhere. Now she has made it even worse. She now has a megaphone. She was out using it yesterday for calling the kids.... As if it couldn't get any worse. And the kids have learned the same or worse accent. I have no idea where they are from but no one around other than them has an accent like that. Maybe from alabama etc...

                          Robert Adams

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