[elky] Re: Oh, hell! (transmission questions, too)

  • From: Robert Adams <elcam84@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 11:51:08 -0500

On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  What's next?  Well, the next weakest component, I spose.  After talking
> things over with a friend, I've come to conclusion that the water was
> probably condensation/accretion, since there's a low spot where the exhaust
> got smashed by the driveshaft and we've had some hellacious rain storms in
> the last month.
> The computer simulation I ran when I started building the motor said that
> it should make 550 hp.  That was with a conventionally-measured 750 cfm
> carb.  The carb on it now equates to a conventionally measured capacity of
> 950 cfm.  I make the distinction because AED (carb tuner/vendor) does.  In
> any case, it's a bigger carb than the Demon 750 I was originally gonna run
> on it.  I use the figure of 500 because it's actually less than what the
> simulation and the larger carb would indicate.  I think it's probably a
> little more realistic than the 550 or 600 than the simulation came up with
> using the 950 carb.
> When I originally built the car and the engine, it was done with what's
> now called "Pro-Touring" as a goal.  I wanted a car that could go fast in a
> straight line and carve corners nicely.  I think that car will still do it,
> once it's "correct", that is, the proper rear end, transmission, wheels,
> tires, etc.  Yes, I was shooting for the 130 Club, but when I decided that
> I wanted to race it on the salt, I'd prepare for the 150 Club as well.
> This isn't all that unusual.  Many racers have either built a 130, then
> converted it to 150-legal or built a car that can run in either class.  A
> 150 Club car can run up to 160 mph (for all intents an purposes) and that
> was the overall goal...well, at this stage at least.  200 is the eventual
> goal, but I'm not sure this car will make it to that speed.  If I'd had the
> time and money, I would have installed a roll cage, racing seats and
> 5-point harnesses to make it legal in both classes.  Some folks have said
> that the car kinda makes a mockery of the 130 Club rules and I spose it
> does, since it isn't street legal around here (no way for it to pass
> emission testing) but again, I'm not the only one who's done this.
> Chris was originally gonna drive this car.  That's why he came out to the
> salt, since he so kindly sponsored it and provided some much-needed parts.
> When it broke, Jim was kind enough to offer the use of his Colorado pickup
> in the same class.  So the answer is, "yes."  :)  I still feel like I owe
> Chris a ride in a car that could get him into either club.  I mean, without
> his help, the car never would have made it to the salt, period.
> Now.  I'm looking at manual transmissions.  As I wrote in another post, I
> didn't like the feel of driving a race car with an automatic...even one I
> was shifting manually.  It just felt mushy with the 3500 rpm
> converter...and I only got about 3/4 mile to try to get a feel for it at
> WOT.

                  Yeah that converter was way off for what you need out
there. A stock one would have been better in this case.

>   Anyway, this brings up the question of "which transmission?"  I need an
> overdrive if I'm gonna use a GN or T-Type 8.5" rear end...iirc, they have
> as stock, 3.42 gears.  If I go with a Ford 9", then the overdrive thing
> won't matter.  Anyway, the transmissions I've considered with that 8.5" are
> the Tremec 3550 and the GM T-56...I guess it's technically at Tremec, too.

                 Sorry Ray sold the 8.5 a while back. It was a 3.73 anyway
from an olds.

> I've been searching the web to see if a World Class T-5 would handle 500+
> hp and while I haven't found any chart or hard numbers, I get the
> impression that 400 is about as much as they can handle.  Please correct me
> if I'm wrong.

                    I think that's right. any time I see anyone pushing
over 400 or so they always end up having to go with a stronger trans.

> Anyway, if I DO go to a manual transmission (I have a used TH200-4R
> sitting on the floor of my garage, I spose I could slap that in...I really
> don't know what kinda shape it's in, tho) I'd like to have something that I
> could do some road racing with as well as racing on the salt...and if for
> some reason I were to put a blower on the motor, I'd like to have a safety
> margin to allow that...although right now it's not real likely to
> happen...but ya never know what might happen.  I spose NOS could be
> possible after the 150 Club (it's not legal in the 130 or 150.)
> So any feedback/ideas/suggestions would be welcome.
> r

                    Well I'd look into the T-56. They aren't too hard to
find and I think it'll do what you need for a while at least as long as you
don't break something else and take it out.. There are a couple newer
manual transmissions in trucks but they are immensly huge and way heavier
than an auto. Would require quite a bit of floor pan mods to get it in. Had
to change the clutch in a newer ford truck and it was a real bear even on a
lift with a trans jack. Just a massive piece of aluminum.

                         Robert Adams

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