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More efficient=less hp loss too



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lighter, aren't they? = less mass to move.... figure in that pedal weight.



On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 10:24 AM, Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yep.  I think you have a pretty good handle on it.  I hadn't thought about
the case crack, since there's no leaking, but an internal crack is a
distinct possibility.  

The pump is a REAL possibility.  Jim and I discussed this after we got it
into the garage.  I'm looking into manual transmissions.  I didn't like the
feel of a race car with the automatic, so it's not like I'm grieving over
the possibility of having a third pedal in the car.


On 10/30/2011 7:46 AM, STILLFRANKSFAULT@xxxxxxx wrote: 

Interesting transmission problem, might want to rethink the chain of events
at the time it shut down. We know it was running hard, and lost the drive
shaft. The sudden stop, or jerk/torque could have damaged the pump, and that
would give you no power in any gear. Or when you shift up top it's not
happening at,or inside the trans. Either way its toast. I suspect a crack in
the case internality from the drive shaft that is bleeding off the pressure.

Just my two cents.


Smokey Mt Frank 


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Race Car.  What else?

Yesterday I got the driveshaft in it, and I was gonna unload it from the


But the battery was dead, even though it had been disconnected.  Maybe a
current leak was discovered when Marlo and his posse loaded it on the
trailer and they disconnected the battery after it was close to flat.

So after charging the battery, Jim came over and we were ready to unload.
First thing that happened when I fired up the motor was the ejection of a
buncha water and possibly oil from the exhaust:


This wasn't all that encouraging, except that a check of the radiator didn't
show any oil and the oil (on the dipstick) didn't show any water.  This one
remains a mystery.

Then the long-awaited cleaning of the whiteboard.  We started a whole new

The trailer ramps had to be modified slightly so we could fix 'em in place
on the trailer...this took a little time, but we "got 'er done."

We decided that the best place to unload the race car would be with the rear
axle of the trailer in the gutter:

This worked fine...until I put the transmission into reverse.  Nothing.  No
drive to the wheels at all.  Shit.  

We ended up pushing the car off the trailer (the ramps worked out fine) and
then using a floor jack to get the rear end off the ground, we dragged the
rear end of the car around so that we could use our high-tech push truck

Poor folks has poor ways, it seems.  I tried firing the motor up and testing
all gear positions, but there's nothing there but a box of neutrals.  Damn!,
said he.  That transmission had less that 10 miles on it.  The park pawl
still works, so it isn't a broken output shaft and it's not hemorrhaging
ATF, so I don't really know what the problem is.  

But for the moment, the race car is back in the garage and the licensed cars
(Burb and Camaro) are outside in the driveway while I try to figger out
what's wrong.  Here's some of my dilemma:  I'm gonna have to replace the
rear end.  Robert, is that 8.5" peg-leg still available?  It may be the
ticket to solve that problem.  Then there's the transmission thing.  I'll
pull the pan and see what I find, but my head is screaming, "T-56!  I know a
T-5 won't handle 500+ hp, (I guess a World Class T-5 might be close) so that
leaves a Tremec 5-speed, the T-56 or a built-up TH200-4R or TH700R4.  I
spose if the rear gear was low (numerically) enough I could use a Muncie or

I really don't know what I'll do at this time.  But I'll think of something
(to mis-quote Arthur C. Clarke in "A Space Odyssey.")



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