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  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 23:01:23 -0600

A TH350 would be fine except for the fact that I'm running a 3.73 gear. I need an overdrive trans or a different gear ratio. I was at 6000 rpm in 3rd gear (1:1) and the GPS said I was doing 137. That'd be ok for the 130 class, but not the 150. TH350s are good trannys. But the lack of overdrive kinda hurts 'em...at least in my case. And it wasn't the transmission's fault that caused the problems....it was the pinon yoke. I can get an industrial-strength yoke for the 7 1/2" rear end pretty easily.


On 5/16/2012 10:00 PM, Michael Blanche wrote:
If it's a 200 4r you're pulling out, you could put in a TH350 really cheaply and run that for a while. You can get newly rebuilt ones for less than $500, and junkyard ones for $100.

Same length, too.


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Color me stupid. I should have seen it when I pulled the pan. But I didn't.

    I didn't lose too much time on that, tho.  I finally got the
    tranny out tonite:

    It's real broke.

    I'm starting to re-think things.  If this transmission repair is
    gonna be real spendy, I may put off running the car this year and
    see about putting a Tremec 3550 or T56 into it.  I'm not sure
    right now.  But I'm hurtin and tired and filthy.  (Maybe that last
    part is why the x-wife left, ya think?)


    On 5/14/2012 3:16 PM, STILLFRANKSFAULT@xxxxxxx
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    OMG,  Your kidding right .............. how did you miss that
    split.  I could see if there was a crack in the case, but that's
    Smokey Mt Frank
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        ...the transmission ain't workin:

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