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Look at where they end this years power tour at, and next year will probably
start somewhere close to that area.


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I can tell you there is a huge difference on RPM with the 200-4R at the top
end. I am running 3.23 gears, and the 350C I had in there until a few weeks
ago was running very high rpm on the highway (and you probably could run
3.23 gears too Ray for more top end... you have the HP). There seems to be a
much more dramatic difference between the 350C rpm at lockup and the 200-4R
when the lock up kicks in too. Maybe it's because I have a higher stall
converter now (1680 vs stock 1200?). But I can be cruising in OD at a real
low RPM, and (because the speedometer reduction gear hasn't arrived) when
the lock up kicks in, the R's drop waaayy down. 

I can't wait for my first road trip to see if I will break the 20 mpg
barrier with +,- 300 HP. I was at 19.8 mpg @ an occasional 80 mph on the
hilly highway with the 2.51 rear gears, 350C, and TBI in 2007. 

Sure wish I could afford to trailer it to the flats in 2013........ My goal
is the Power Tour. I don't know what the 2013 Route is though. Do they have
it set?

John Christensen
1984 El Camino "Elkenstein" 350 TBI
NECOA #042 http://www.myelcamino.net <http://www.myelcamino.net/> 
Saint Charles, IL

John Christensen
1984 El Camino "Elkenstein" 350 TBI
NECOA #042 http://www.myelcamino.net <http://www.myelcamino.net/> 
Saint Charles, IL



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If it's a 200 4r you're pulling out, you could put in a TH350 really cheaply
and run that for a while.  You can get newly rebuilt ones for less than
$500, and junkyard ones for $100.

Same length, too.


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Color me stupid.  I should have seen it when I pulled the pan.  But I

I didn't lose too much time on that, tho.  I finally got the tranny out

It's real broke.

I'm starting to re-think things.  If this transmission repair is gonna be
real spendy, I may put off running the car this year and see about putting a
Tremec 3550 or T56 into it.  I'm not sure right now.  But I'm hurtin and
tired and filthy.  (Maybe that last part is why the x-wife left, ya think?)


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OMG,  Your kidding right .............. how did you miss that split.  I
could see if there was a crack in the case, but that's huge.


Smokey Mt Frank 


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...the transmission ain't workin:


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JPEG image

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