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  • From: Jared Ryan <jryan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 07:42:14 -0500

I remember having to add the wires for the intake air temperature sensor,
charcoal canister solenoid, and AIR solenoids to the harness.  I did this
before I installed the harness, so it wasn't hard, but in your case it
might not be worth the effort.  Those are the items that you may not have
that the 1228746 used.

I could have just gone with a 1227747 with a truck BIN, like you have, but
I started thinking that if the 9C1 had the bigger injectors, and it was
*not* a super-wild-crazy-powerful engine in 1990, that mine could surely
use them, since it is essentially the same engine but with a bigger
camshaft (Crane 2032 roller).

If what you have is good, I would stay with it, and do some data logging
and fine-tune the BIN starting with what you have.

Even after setting the minimum air, mine seemed to want to die when
changing from P or N into gear, so last night I turned the throttle
adjustment screw in 1/4 turn.  That seemed to do it.  Evidently I didn't
have the throttle opened quite far enough.  Really, the minimum air
adjustment needs to be set in gear, not in park, but you need to be very
careful chocking the wheels or have a trusted partner sit in the car and
hold the brake and move the shift lever while you stand beside the fender
and reach in to turn the screwdriver on the adjustment screw.

Now, at least so far, it seems just about perfect.  I'll have to take it
out for a drive later today, if it's stopped raining, or tomorrow.  I don't
miss the hunting or the extended cranking on cold starts, only to have to
crank it again.

If anyone wants a pair of 45 lb./hr. injectors for a 305 or 55lb./hr.
injectors for a truck 350, I'll sell them relatively cheap.  Both sets are
in perfect condition, gently used, not in any way clogged up or abused.  I
may put them on eBay for $75/each and try to recoup some of these recent
costs (injectors, battery and starter).

On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 07:19:22 -0500, John Christensen <johncgg@xxxxxxxxx>
> I had much the same issue when I first changed over. I had the 45#
> injectors
> for the 305. So I upgraded to the 55#. Things are better, but I don't
> if the 7727 computer is set up for the 9C1 PROM. Mine is much better with
> the 55#, and I think it is matched to the computer. I think mine is like
> the
> truck program for the 350. With the higher compression and mild cam in my
> engine, I know it could be better though. Just don't know how to go about
> changing it.
> There is a spacer that goes in there to raise the pods, that you can get
> for
> about $10 on eBay, that is said to dramatically increase the air flow.
> more than boring the throttle body and intake would do. Check it out. I
> don't know if my injectors could compensate for the increased air or not,
> but I am sure your setup could.
> It would be interesting to figure out if I could swap to your ECM,
> Injectors, and 9C1 chip and go without any other mods. I believe you have
> an
> air intake temp sensor that I don't have. I don't know if it was in my
> harness. Will have to look.
> Glad you got this figured out!
> JC
> ---
> John Christensen
> Saint Charles, IL

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