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Ya don't always need a trailer. you can just tow the car. We did that using 
 free wheeling rear hubs. Of course if your tires can't hold air your  
Smokey Mt Frank  

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I agree john it looks great so far! Keep us updated i want to see how it  
turns out, looks like a lot of work but well worth it 
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I just bought 4 cans to install above the island. We'll  probably use 
daylight florescent dimmable bulbs there. We'll still have a  couple more 
in the ceiling for other stuff. 

Looking at Bamboo  for the floor.  He'll give me the sq ft to buy, and I'll 
buy it, then  either he or the contractor will tear out the old for me. 

The  electrical will be handled by the same dude. Moving switches and 
outlets. I  could do it, but I don't wanna. 

We refinished the cabinets, and they  are staying. Probably granite on the 
counter tops. Theese guys all know good  people for it, and it ends up being 
the same good people, because they are  cheap and good at what they do. 
Might try the stair specialist across the  street from me too. The neighbors 
here are great. 


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plastic slipcuvuhs, very nice.  

But seriously, it looks good.  You have a very neat  contractor. I like the 
plan.  We have a wall around the kitchen about  48" high and = while it's 
open to the family room - it really divides  things.  That's the wall I 
wanted to cut the doorway into but can't  because of the drain running 
horizontally through it.  Hopefully you  will not run into anything quite so 
 The current plan is to  just drop the wall down and put one big counter 
top so we can have an  eating area, too.   You'll like that.  We've had it in 
a  couple houses and it's nice.  What 's the counter top material  plan?  
Are you replacing all the cabinets or just adding those few  along the wall?  
And what kind of flooring?  

Nosey Mary  

We are under way with the work on the kitchen. I  started with doing the 
window myself last weekend. The contractor has  been here 3 days this week, 
and you can see the progress. He is a friend  of Nate's and is in and out when 
he has time, and that is saving us a  lot of money. We aren't in a hurry 

The floor guy came  today, and is working on an estimate. We will probably 
be trimming the  opening in wood, and the knee wall by the door to match. 
There will be a  counter top to eat on on top of that knee wall, and you can 
see where at  least 3 cabinets will be where the slash on the floor with tape 
is at.  

Nice and open now, and we will gain a lot of storage and counter  top. 

(http://www.familychristensen.org/kitchen/index.htm)  for  pictures. 



John  Christensen
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