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sounds like my parents basement. And garage. And crawl space. It took 4 years to get that house cleared out. One day the garbage man came to the door and asked where we were getting all that stuff we were putting out. He thought we must be importing it.

And when I tell you the garage floor sunk 4" on one side under the weight of a naval radio (4' by 4' by 4') I am not joking. We had to take it apart to get it out of there. I have no idea how Dad got it in there.

Why do people hoard this stuff?

Dan build a small hardware area under the stair landing in the shop. It works well because we are 20 miles from a reasonable size town. We have a small hardware store 4 miles away but it's geared more towards the logging community and emergency plumbing and electrical repairs. We can get rock for $1 a pail or local cut green lumber, but finding the odd small hardware item is usually futile. Anyway, the little hardware area works well and doesn't take up a lot of space.

The color coding and labeling works good because sometimes you go into a bin and there's stuff in there you no longer need (faucet parts for a faucet that went to the dump 2 years ago), so you can kind of weed as you go and because space in them is finite, sometimes you gotta throw something away to make room.

Dan has finally decided to get rid of the antique power tools. Not like you can lift them anyway. yeah!!!


I am going to try to clean out the stuff I don't need.  This basement
shop I'm helping clean - it was stuffed to the rafters (and hanging in
the rafters) with random items large and small.  Mechanical parts and
pieces that no one could identify.  I'm getting a load of some of the
stuff Tuesday - I'm inheriting a band saw and I'll sell some of the
valuable small stuff (taps, dies, etc.,).

Even with unlimited storage I think it's healthy to purge the junk
once and a while... it's hard to resist the urge to hoard, I've
definitely had the item that I threw out and then needed, but it's

One item I need is sorted hardware: nuts, bolts, washers - I hate
spending a couple bucks every time I need that certain size bolt - not
to mention the wasted time going to the hardware store.

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