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  • Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 09:15:10 -0600

On Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 8:33 AM, Chris Lindh <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> We thought we liked exotic imported woods (Brazilian Maple, Cherry, etc.),
> until we found out they all come from the rain forests.

         The press of harvesting lumber in the rain forests is not even
close to what really happens. The tree huggers have the public fooled.
There is a guy on woodnet that has lived in south america for over 30 years
buying and selling lumber.
            The best thing we can do is buy more lumber from there. What
happens is when the people aren't allowed to cut a few trees down to
support themselves they are forced to clear cut their land and grow a crop
which grows very poorly in an extremely acidic soil.

                    He even had a group of tree huggers come down there.
They saw a big clearcut area on the news and they raised $ to fly down and
replant and rehab the area. They got down there about a year later and
asked where the clear cut area was... He showed them and then they asked
again where is that area that was clear cut and he said right there it
grows back that fast here.

                  There are always the exceptions but the vast majority of
harvesting is done selectively not just to ensure their livelyhood but the
buyers are extremely pickey of the quality of tree they will buy.

> My understanding is the stranded bamboo is made from the leftover pieces
> from when they make the horizontal and vertical bamboo.  Bamboo is a green
> flooring choice, except for the fuel used to get it here.

             It grows all over the place here.... Lots of houses use it for
a wall and the Zoo and six flags have massive amounts of it. Course it
costs too much to process it in the US.

> We like our stranded bamboo; it is that same dark color: "caramelized" /
> "carbonized"; I think it they toast it to darken it, mmmmm toasted bamboo.
> It's holding up well 3 years later.  We did white baseboards and stained
> Oak shoe moulding to match the flooring.  If I were to do it again I might
> do the shoe moulding white.  The floor-colored shoe moulding makes the
> baseboards look shorter, it is a good thing we used a taller baseboard
> (which caused more problems with A/C registers).  You have to watch when
> handling the boards, you can get a wicked splinter.

                 One method is to flame the wood.  As for spliners don't
work with blood wood. It's nasty for splinters and being an exotic wood it
flat hurts even after the splinter is pulled out and the dust is toxic(very
common for many south american hardwoods).

                       Robert Adams

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