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  • From: Brian M <ctsvmongo@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 14:26:06 -0600

I'm jot sure how this hickory would look like a warehouse floor? But its
not what I think of, when I think of hickory cabinets, which are usually
very colorful with knots and variances. This flooring is very consistant,
compared to the cabinets I've seen(which is cool too)   oak is stainable
but each peice will take stain differently, and each section of a piece
will as well, so its hard to stain a dark color.  Dark cherry stained oak
cabinets just don't look right most of the time, and cherry is real
expensive, so we see maple and birch stained whatever color your heart
desires, it takes stain very consistantly and holds up relatively well,
costs about half of cherry.

I have a gee high quality clear alder bedroom set, it is solid wood and
amazing, a gift from my whole family for putting myself thru college and
getting my degree in business mangement.  It's got a clear coat on it, very
pretty wood, but way too soft, it dents so easily and it kindof drives me
crazy cause I can't have things not right.  Dents in my dressers... Ok
again I'm crazy.
On Nov 13, 2011 12:58 PM, "Mary McCarthy" <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> yeah, that is frustrating.  Our house was advertised as 'oak throughout'.
>>  Some of the moulding and the doors are oak, but the rest is just stain
>> grade something that matches.  I"ve been using Minwax 'early American' to
>> match.  It's kind of a mid-tone.  And there are those who probably would
>> not think it was oak because it is that tone.  My dining room set (from
>> 1928) is white oak stained very dark.  I use that very dark Jacobean to
>> touch it up.  But - like I said - my kitchen table (subject to a refinish
>> every 10 years or so) is natural golden oak.  To be even more confusing I
>> bought a sideboard to match at an estate sale with poor lighting.  It
>> LOOKED like oak but the "oak" was painted on.  After removing that goo,
>> it's a collection of woods.  My fav is the bottom of the bottom drawer -
>> fruit crates from the Rogue River Valley. <G>
> Hickory would make a nice floor.  I've never seen it around here used that
> way.  Popular for kitchen cabinets.  The alder has lots of knots and grain
> business.  SOme of the knots are big and black and go completely through to
> door.   But even compared to knotty pine it's soft.
> don't laugh but I like Maple for the simple reason that - of all the
> kitchens through all the moves - I've never had a maple one.  I would have
> thought warehouse floors down there would be heart pine.  It's big in the
> south.  Like you said - tastes are regional.
> Mary
>                What I find frustrating is that people say they want cherry
>> or walnut or whatever then you ask them what color they want it. They go
>> silent... People now because of mass produced crap associate a type of wood
>> with a color. When they say cherry that means a form of red same with
>> mahogony and dark brown for walnut and they all assume oak is light in
>> color. Funny thing is 99% of the stuff out there is made from red oak and
>> just stained a color and people see that color and think cherry.
>>              It's really hard to get people to understand that the color
>> is the stain not the wood type. In the church project people keep asking if
>> it's cherry and no it's not except for the crown moulding which is very
>> nice cherry but once stained is indistinguishable from oak to the general
>> public anyway.
>>          I like hickory flooring but it isn't popular here cause it looks
>> like a warehouse floor. I saw allot of hickory flooring in Ohio.Gives the
>> refurbed farm houses a ski lodge feel. So much is regional as well. Here
>> there is everything not many current trends other than travertine tile is
>> popular cause it looks good and it's relatively cheap compared to some
>> tiles.
>>              Robert Adams
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