[elky] Re: Finally a day under 100* and water falling from the sky!!! And a pic of the face frames for the laundry room cabinets

  • From: Robert Adams <elcam84@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 17:10:27 -0500

               Cool. I hate refinishing.... I'd rather build new stuff or
cover all the cases in veneer build new doors and stain it all the same.

                The laminate floorings are pretty good now. Just try to get
one that is plywood base instead of MDF. I have thought about full 3/4
bamboo from the kitchen to the dining room to the living room. I sometimes
find a deal on it and it's much harder than oak and harder than maple.
           Was in one house that had IPE flooring and it was very nice...
The wood starts at about $4 a sq foot....

                I'll probably be building kitchen cabinets all winter and
hopefully start redoing the kitchen before summer starts. Won't start any
tear out until the bulk of the cabinets are built and then tear out and redo
flooring and so on.... Looking at doing some sort or Arts and crafts style
Often mislabeled Mission style...  I keep looking at pics and haven't
settled on a style yet. I'm probably going to build faceframe cabinets for
the kitchen too instead of frameless euro style cabinets. You get a little
bigger drawers with frameless though...

                           Robert Adams

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 4:53 PM, John Christensen <johncgg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thank heaven for the short relief!
> Just stained all our cabinets in the kitchen. They were '70's vintage, with
> a real thin coat of finish. We just lightly sanded, then stained with a bit
> of mahaogany color to highlight the distressed areas. They came out rel
> nice. We will be knocking out the wall and putting in an island when we get
> the chance and the money. Then the butcher block formica counter tops will
> be history. Probably pergo floors.
> JC
> ---
> John Christensen
> Saint Charles, IL
> On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 4:28 PM, Robert Adams <elcam84@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>                   Well Saturday was the first day it didn't hit 100*. It
>> was only 88* and the low was 72*. We haven't seen 72* outside in months and
>> rarely inside unless you are in a refrigerator or a movie theater. The high
>> has been 100* or higher since the end of MAY so around 80 days straight...
>> The *official* numbers at DFW are always skewed from the actual numbers and
>> show cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter compared to everywhere
>> else....
>>                   It started raining early sat morning and some areas got
>> up to 1.5". We got about 1" which brings us up to about 2" for the year.
>> It's been overcast all day here for the most part and I hoped we would get
>> another day under 100* but as usual no... It's been 100* since about 3:00
>> and miserable humidity as the ground is wet...  So at least we got a short
>> break from the heat and a little moisture. Tomorrow we are back to 104* as
>> usual and no change for quite a while...
>>                    So since it was nice yesterday I fired up the AC in the
>> shop early and got out there and did a bunch of clean up and for a change
>> built something for the house instead of for someone else. It was too wet
>> and muggy to work on the luandry room so I got the sink size etc and started
>> designing the cabinets for the laundry room and made the two face frames for
>> them.
>>          Made them out of scrap red oak from other jobs. The tall one will
>> be next to the stacked washer and dryer and won't be attached too tightly in
>> place so it can be removed for washer and dryer maintenance. I haven't put
>> the cross pieces in the frame because I haven't figured out how the drawers
>> and doors will lay out. The lowers will be drawers and the uppers will be
>> doors.
>>         The sink cabinet will also have more drawers. The outer two holes
>> below the small drawers will house probably two drawers each. So 3 on each
>> side and the middle will be doors due to the sink which is rather deep and
>> wide 33" wide x 12" deep. The counter top will extend about 10" off to the
>> left of the lower cabinet.
>>                All will end up being painted in the laundry room. Still
>> need to figure out what the walls are going to be... Probably beadboard up
>> to the window sill then painted drywall above that to a detailed ceiling of
>> some sort. I know some will ask why I would paint the oak but... I had the
>> oak and would have to order paint grade maple so....
>>                Anyway at least I finally had a day in the shop to do
>> something for me instead of a job. Course back to others stuff tomorrow. Oh
>> and the shop was very nice yesterday... Was mid 70s in the shop before
>> lunch.... Went in for lunch then came back out and it was down to 65
>> already. Sure does get nice and cold when it's not 100* out....
>>                       Robert Adams

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