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  • From: Robert Adams <elcam84@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 09:55:41 -0500

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 10:21 PM, Chris Lindh <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I wanted to go drag racing to help me decide the direction I want to
> proceed with the '80.  More power?  Durability?  T56?
> The drive to the "Atlanta" Dragway takes an additional hour on a Friday due
> to rush hour and the race track being 70 miles from Atlanta.

          Texas motor speedway has been doing 1/8 mile on pit road for a few
years now. Not sure what they charge. It's not far from the house here.
Ennis is a long drive. 2 hours or so on a good day.

>   The lifesaver?  Ear plugs: with no carpet and headers the '80 is loud.  I
> arrived at the track 30 minutes early and was first in line.  Paid $20 and
> proceeded to tech.  The tech inspector passed the '80 without comments, I
> wanted to ask him what things he looked for, but I was in a hurry... to then
> wait 30 minutes for racing to start (hurry up and wait, this seems to be
> common theme for sportsman racing).
> First run, blew away the tires off the line and in every gear thereafter.
> Clearly traction, or the lack thereof, would be the theme of the day. 16.3
> at 88MPH.  I had hoped to be quicker.  Although the Marauder in the other
> lane blew my doors off he red lit... so I win dammit.

             I see it as he lost.

> Next run 15.4 at 103MPH.  This is more like it.  103 miles per hour
> calculates ~300 hp to the wheels, and the elapsed time should be 13 flat.
> So I'm not putting the power to the ground... should this be a surprise?
> Air shocks, Eibach springs and hard tires with little sidewall... like a
> recipe for no traction.  I did lower the pressure in the air shocks, but I
> was afraid to lower it too much lest the 275/40s get into the fenderwell.
> I hotlapped the next 4 runs, all 16 something at ~97 MPH.  Then I was told
> I had an oil leak, so I made a banzai run to a local parts store for a valve
> cover gasket and swapped it out in the parking lot.
> I came back and made 4 runs, getting into the low 15s at 97.  I wonder if
> the 103 MPH run was correct?  I took a break to snap some photos of other
> cars (night shots, mostly blurry, I need a monopod).  Something happened on
> the track so the line to race got long, so I headed for home around 9:45.  I
> was pleased to have made 10 runs, I data logged so I can tune places on my
> fuel map that I will never see in street driving (high load, high RPM).

             Must have had a good tail wind on the 103 run.

> Carnage to the '80?  Header collector gasket (sounds like a log truck) and
> possibly the heater core.  Not bad all things considered.  Where do I go
> from here?  For traction I at least need to install the load leveler springs
> and air bags waiting on the shelf, then maybe drag shocks?  (I had planned
> on Bilstein shocks like the front)  Drag radials or slicks are a
> possibility, but too much traction will no doubt lead to the demise of the
> original 7.5" rearend, driveshaft, or both.  I have an 8.5" from my
> Malibu... or maybe go to a Ferd 9"?

             The 8.5 is more than strong enough and an easy bolt in. The 9"
has more friction due to the pinion gear being higher on the ring gear.

> A trailer would be nice, take the worry out of breaking something at the
> track & being stranded...  I'm visiting my brother next weekend and I may
> come back with his trailer and my old MGB.  Our driveway would look like a
> home for wayward cars...

                    I would be leary of driving a car to the track to race.
Well anything other than a stock newer car. If you are going to make a habit
of it I'd look at buying a trailer. Real texans have a truck and a 16'
trailer... Well it seems like it here anyway.

                              Robert Adams

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