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  • Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 07:11:29 -0500

Nice pictures Ray. I always love this time of year, because of the salt

I have a Canon Rebel XT (The same thing Ray used to have for the good shots)
and a Nikon Coolpix for the point and shoot in my brief case. Believe it or
not it takes great close up ring pictures. decent for point and shoot too.
It is my second Coolpix, and work has an even newer one that gets a real
work out for appraisals. They are pretty intuative too. I don't know about
the canon point and shoots.

All the digitals have come a long way in the last 5 years. Cindy's iPhone
even gets pretty good pictures if you keep the lens clean. It depends on
what you are doing with them.

Good luck with your choice Larry. It's really hard to loose by comparison to
the choices of 10 years ago.

John Christensen
Saint Charles, IL

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 11:35 PM, Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Sorry I didn't get to this earlier.  I stayed on the salt until about 3
> pm, drive home, moved files from my laptop, then...then...a buncha stuff.
> Anyway, yes, Canon is my choice.  Right now in the camera world, there are
> Canonites and Nikonians.  I'm a Canonite, obviously.  Tomorrow I'm gonna buy
> a 7D.  The folks who bought posters and CDs and prints have allowed me to
> upgrade my primary camera.  I'll move the 20D on to...somewhere and use the
> 40D as the backup/alternate lens camera.
> To "get an average or better shot" you always have to work a little
> harder.  Well, maybe a "better shot."  Anyone can take decent shots now with
> point and shoot cameras.  To get real good ones, you really have to work at
> it.  I'm still learning.  You wouldn't believe the learning curve I've had
> all year.  It's been wonderful, yet real hard work...and required an open
> mind.  That part was easy.  With only 2 brain cells left, there was lots of
> room.  :)  Seriously, I've had a couple of very, very good people mentor me
> in many ways.
> Back on the Canon Powershot thing, I think they're really great.  Depending
> on which model you buy, you can get one the size of a cigarette pack that
> takes very good photos, to one that's almost as good as an entry level
> Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR.)  They have many shooting modes for
> different types of occasions.  Sports, landscape, portrait, etc.  That's one
> thing the 7D doesn't have.  It's a straight stick shift.  Yeah, it's got an
> Auto mode, but in most cases, I prefer Aperture Priority.
> So Larry, if ya look 'em over, you'll see a buncha confusing stuff...like
> the same body style sold with different color paint jobs.  Big deal.  And
> just to be fair, Nikon makes a good comparable series called the Coolpix:
> http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_8_5?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=nikon+coolpix&x=0&y=0&sprefix=nikon
> A friend got one as a gift and never really used it until he came out for
> Speed Week.  He handed it to me and within minutes (using the manual) I was
> taking decent photos and transferring them to my computer, editing and
> printing them.  Probably 20 minutes before I sent one to the printer.  So
> the Nikonians have their own brand of good quality point 'n shoot cameras.
> That's prolly enough babbling, but I'm gonna include a photo I shot
> yesterday...and maybe one I shot today that got me a CD order.
> I shot the portrait oriented (vertical) shot of the Competition Coupe (2001
> Chevy Cavalier, if ya bleeve it) when I saw the dramatic clouds covering the
> sky.  Something I've learned this year.  The owner loved it.  I'm gonna put
> together some contact sheets and we'll make out a deal cuz I didn't get
> enough of his car to make it worth my usual CD price....cuz they had a fire
> when they lost a turbo and took 2 days to rebuild it.
> The other one was a "glamour shot" of a lakester named "Spirit of St.
> Louis" cuz the owner/driver (a Dane) is from the Lindberg family and his
> grandmother was a cousin of the American Charles Lindberg.  I kinda lucked
> into that one cuz our friend Jim Halliday ended up being their cook, then
> crew member and I stopped by to get some shots before I left and before I
> knew it we were doing a photo shoot.  They paid me in cash after seeing the
> shot where the lines of the mountains almost match the lines of the car and
> then I showed 'em my portfolio (great idea, Mary) and then they were handing
> me money.  I can live with that.  :)
> I wonder if I can squeeze one more shot in here.  Same car, but Jim almost
> seems like he's moving.  :)  Maybe it was that extra cup of coffee.  :)  It
> was shot before dawn as people were getting things together and he was
> cleaning up a gear oil spill with kitty litter.  Not bad for a 1/4 second
> shot on a monopod.  The IS (Image Stabilization) on my 18-200 EF-S lens is
> real nice.
> Enuff.  Time for bed.
> Ray
> At 06:38 AM 10/11/2009, you wrote:
> Ray, is the canon the best route to go? I take it that is your opinion from
> the response below. We really liked our Canon that was stolen out of our
> car, then I bought a Panasonic. It works well but is not near the easy to
> use camera the canon was and it seems you havetpo try a little harder to get
> an average or better shot.
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> From: Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: [elky] Re: DIGITAL CAMERAS:
> Larry, I'm not sure what ya mean by reasonable.  But...if ya go to
> amazon.com and search for Canon Powershot.  There are several (many)
> versions from like $200 to $500.  Here's a search string:
> http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_0_6?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=canon+powershot&x=0&y=0&sprefix=canon+
> Let me know what price range suits your needs and we can narrow things down
> a bit.
> Ray
> At 07:19 PM 10/10/2009, you wrote:
> My old Olympus Digital camera has gave up the ghost. We could use a new
> one.
> Does anyone know what is a good Digital Camera that comer's with new
> software at a reasonable price and ware would get it from??
> Thank You.
> Larry Wright

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