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Now that I was closing the picture I noticed the Fisker Automotive banner
above and behind the car, didn't see that before.


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I took the train downtown last night, and met Nate after work at the train
station. We went to the auto show till a little after 7 PM last night. 

Go to this page for a link to the 150 or so pictures I took:

For the photo guys and gals...... no cropping, or enhancements.... just
don't have time to get that done. All hand held, so the low light shows a
little blur here and there. If it were a Saturday or Sunday, I would have
had nothing but butts in the pictures, I'm sure. There were enough people
around to have to get a quick shot when I could get it. 

There was only one good reason to take 2 pictures of the Fiats. I am sure
you will see my reasoning here. Some cars I just shot because the colors
were great. A blue Toyota for instance. That Audi R8 is as stunning in
person as it is in print. I only sat in 3 cars, the new 5 series BMW, The
Mini Clubman, and a Buick. The Buicks really caught my eye of all the
American cars, unexpectedly. The Cadillacs were great looking. I really
liked that wagon. The 5 series will hold almost as much though, and the rear
trunk/hatch is really versatile. Still can't get past the cost of that
though. I took some pictures like the custom Scion just because it was a
cool stance and open concept. Plenty of eye candy in the room. The Volo Auto
Museum had some cool cars there. The Blues Brothers cruiser, General Lee,
and a real cool V16 Roadster. 

If I had unlimited funds, I would buy one of the Fisker Automotive electric
cars, and drop an LS9 in it. They were beautiful cars. The lines on the 4
door were absolutely stunning. 

Off to work. Next day off is Tuesday. 

Sorry I don't have time to get the labels on everything. 


John Christensen 
1984 El Camino "Elkenstein" 350 TBI 
NECOA #042 http://www.myelcamino.net 
Saint Charles, IL


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